April 16, 2015

Pattern Play

I haven't experimented much with patterns during this pregnancy. I've never been shy about mixing and matching before but through the course of this pregnancy, I opted for basics whenever I bought anything so I could easily pair them with items in my closet. As practical as this route has been, I've been missing the bold colors and prints I typically wear, especially with the recent sunshine and good weather we've had in SF, So, I hiked up my unzipped skirt and wore my trusty stripe shirt for a good ol' pattern play paired outfit. 

April 15, 2015

Wednesday Whim - Elkebana

 images via Inhabitat via Elkebana / Fabio Milito (Photos by:Nouchka Huijg)

For most of us, flowers are beautifully arranged in a vase in our home to enhance the scent and sight of the space. In Japan, the specific type of floral arrangement is considered a craft known as ikebana with a focus on minimalism and a harmonious combination of nature and humanity. Designer, Fabio Milito, took this concept and applied it towards Elkebana, creating a playful twist on the craft and the notion of wall trophies.

Collaborating with Paula Studio, the design team created two glass-blown tubes mounted on a birch wood base and arranged various flowers, branches and bamboo for display. The product encourages people to proudly display their own arrangements in a trophy-like manner. The result is a whimsical rendition of showcasing your botanical trophy. 

Elkebana is actually available for purchase through Crowdy House.

April 14, 2015

Opening Day

Sure, I wasn't at the SF Giants opening day game yesterday (insert sad face) but, I was there in spirit. I likely won't be able to attend some baseball games for a good chunk of time but as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I'll be able to enjoy those garlic fries soon enough...and even an alcoholic beverage by the time I return! 

April 13, 2015


This weekend, the husband and I attended some baby classes (Saturday and Sunday) to help us feel better prepared to greet our baby into the world. Since we spent half the day indoors, I opted for the basics - jeans and a t-shirt. It's always a winning (and easy) combination.

We've actually attended a couple of other classes already but this one was the big overview that included a hospital tour (which was great to see!). 
I didn't grow up with a bunch of other kids, or seeing babies all the time, so being responsible for the life of another human being is awfully intimidating. I never considered myself "naturally maternal" in the sense that I could scoop up a crying child and instinctively know what to do. I know attending these classes isn't going to change me overnight but they did empower me with knowledge. At the very least, I feel more informed.

I realize the role of parents are ever changing and the idea of what is "right" is entirely subjective and constantly evolving but, for a novice like myself, having classes to attend makes me feel like I'm doing what I can while I can to make the most informed decisions. I'll never really feel prepared. My whole life has been that way. But, I feel reassured there is a support system of people who understand what this experience is going to be like. So I'm incredibly grateful for that. 

April 10, 2015

Ross Dress for Less Bargain Hunter

I mentioned in my post here that I had some exciting news to share with you and today, I'm finally sharing it! 

As you may know, I've worked with Ross several times in the past and have enjoyed every bit of the experience. Bargain shopping is something I'm certainly familiar with and will be even more familiar with in my future with a baby on board. So, for a year, I'll officially be involved with Ross's Secrets of a Bargain Hunter program

This is Ross's first ever social influencer program! Along with seven other unique bloggers, we'll showcase the thrill of finding fashion and lifestyle goods that fit our personal style. Ross believes in "no frills and big thrills," which means they offer big discounts on designer and non-designer goods without the fuss of changing out window displays, mannequins or excessive decor (especially since they get new products 3-6 times a week!).

I'm pretty stoked to share this news with you! I hope you'll enjoy the content that will show up throughout the year. 

In the meantime, that $200 gift card to shop at Ross is still up for grabs by voting on your fave spring show style on Ross's FB page

OR you can win a gift card by showing off your Ross goods on IG and tagging #GottaGoToRoss where a winner will be selected each week throughout the year! 

Below, you can catch up on a recap of my previous Ross posts. Thanks for joining me.

Also, thanks to Ross for sponsoring this campaign. All opinions are my own.


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