October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween (and Parade Day)!

The end of October has arrived! Luckily, Halloween is on a Friday so everyone can enjoy celebrating a bit longer tonight. Since I don't normally dress up for Halloween (I know, what a bore!) I thought I'd show off my nails again. I never shy away from nail art and this year, the nails went monster (see my nails last year). 

What are your plans tonight?

And on a final note, today is also the SF Giants Parade (celebrating their World Series win!). While I won't be there in person, my spirit will be. Cheers to a great season! On to the next one!

October 30, 2014

Them Boys

Camo jacket: Ross (c/o), Jeans: Forever 21, Heels: Zara (old but similar), Accessories: H&M beanie, Karen Walker sunglasses, Forever 21 necklace, Thrifted Coach Willis bag

If you live in San Francisco, or are from San Francisco, then you might be in on the craze from the AH-MAZING World Series win by the SF Giants. I mean...that was a great series and just great baseball (well done, Kansas City)! I know you guys let me indulge you last time about baseball and for one more post, I ask for more.

I am flying high on emotions from this amazing win. Sure, I had nothing to do with the win and I won't have gain anything from the win but, as a loyal fan it sure is a treat to see a team you have rooted for since you were a kid win again. The energy 
and the comradery from people on the streets of San Francisco in unlike anything you will experience any other time. 

The tomboy in me has come out since I've been talking a lot about sports lately. It's certainly interpreted in this outfit with this comfy, loose-fit camo jacket and beanie. For good (feminine) measure, a nice pair of heels does the trick don't you think? 

And just in case you wonder, I definitely changed into my baseball gear.

October 29, 2014

Wednesday Whim - Island of Foam (Schauminsel)

 images via Stephanie Lüning, via Bloom Award via MMM

What looks like delightful cotton candy is actually foam created by Dresden-based artist, Stephanie Lüning. A foam machine, which is connected to various water tanks filled with different colored foam liquids, produces a large of pile of colored foam that spews out in circles and grows larger and larger. The process is entirely controlled by Stephanie Lüning. In this respect, someone can actually see her art take form in front of his eyes. 

Stephanie Lüning began her foam art in 2012 and recently won a BLOOM award in 2014. For Stephanie, "the process of creation and change is always emphasized in her works."

October 28, 2014

Delightful Days

Cardigan: Forever 21, Harry Potter t-shirt: Target Men's, Jeans: Forever 21, Sneakers: Nike Free 5.0, Accessories: Karen Walker sunglasses, Forever 21 necklace, 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli

This look reminds me so much of my college days. I was all about t-shirts, jeans, sneakers and baggy fit cardigans. Comfort was key. I guess not much has changed! 

I couldn't help but get this Harry Potter t-shirt when I saw it at Target in the men's section. I loved reading the books and watching the movies. The magical world seemed so delightful compared to the "muggle" world. That is definitely the nerd in me.

October 27, 2014

This Shirt Dress

 Shirt dress: Gap, Boots: Ross (c/o - similar), Accessories: Karen Walker sunglasses, 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli

I've had a weird schedule as of late so it was really wonderful to sit back this weekend and enjoy being at home. With the exception of going out to catch up with a good friend over coffee and then dinner, I really did not have anything on my agenda. In fact, big highlights included going to the usual farmer's market for groceries and (of course) watching the World Series (#GOGiants!!). 

I wore this insanely comfortable shirt dress for a good portion of my weekend. Since I got it, I can't seem to stop wearing it. There is enough detail on the top half that keeps it from being too boring and the length feels "just right" for me to wear to work or as weekend wear. And the chambray color? Well, of course I think it's the perfect shade, too. 


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