September 8, 2016


 Suede Jacket: similar, T-shirt: Target, Skirt: H&M (similar), Sneakers: Converse, Sunglasses: Karen Walker

You guys, I'm a slacker (for lack of a better term).

I had dreams for this blog of mine. (Naturally.)

But, as life would have it I focused my attention elsewhere - despite my desire to post. I became "one of those" bloggers. You know the kind. The sporadic, apologetic, blogger who means well, but ends up falling off the radar.

Well, I won't say that I am going to "get back at it" since my life is at a transition point. I'm actually getting into another "new normal." I'm becoming a "working mom" rather than an exclusive "stay at home mom." Big news for my little world. 

I am going to figure out what all of this means. Yea, pretty cliché, but that's where I'm at nowadays.

Conveniently, my post coincides with the change from summer to fall. I realize we aren't officially in the fall season, but most of us can agree that once Labor Day passes we are in fall, right? My friend helped me feel better about my transition when she reminded me how all of life's changes are like seasons. We just transition from one season to another.

So, I have fears. I have doubts. But, I have excitement, too.

In the meantime, here's a fun, flirty, but simple look. Thanks to Stephanie Marilee Tucker for these shots from (what feels like) long ago days. But, the vibe is spot on with this post.

May 19, 2016

Mama Moments

When my sweet Baby B first arrived, the most challenging moments seemed like every moment. I was learning how to take care of a newborn, which included diaper changes, nursing, putting clothes on a tiny person and learning how to function with limited hours of sleep. Every. Single. Thing. Was. New. 

No matter how much I thought I was prepared, there was nothing like the "real thing."

But, as so often happens, I felt more confident and grew into a stronger person as time ticked on. 

Still, one of the biggest hurdles I faced during my baby's first year was finding time to take care of myself. Suddenly, leaving for just an hour or two wasn't as simple as it sounded. I was (and still am) a nursing mother so, quite literally, my baby relies on me as a food supply. 

Just like the baby had to learn to nurse, he also had to learn to take a bottle while I was gone. I didn't realize that the baby had a preference for bottles. And that preference makes the idea of spending time away that much more challenging.

Thankfully, bottles like Munchkin's LATCH mimics the feel of a baby nursing so moms (like me) looking to spend some quality me time don't have to worry as much while we're gone.

The bottle eases the transition from breast to bottle, creating a better latch and pumps milk like the breast. The blue valve on the bottom even helps reduce the symptoms of colic, which is one of those "baby things" where we don't realize how bad "bad" really is. Until it happens.

And since we're being real here, as any nursing mother knows, nursing pads are a MUST. So Munchkin LATCH didn't leave any mama behind with these pads. I have never had to worry about an embarrassing situation while out and about. They are thinner than other nursing pads I've tried, which really make more of a difference than I could ever know. 

So while I had the fortune to try Munchkin LATCH with surprisingly good results, the ultimate goal has always been to make sure that baby and mama are BOTH happy and going to be OK. 

It's OK to take time out for yourself to do things for yourself. 

It's OK to feel selfish.

It's OK to feel like you need a break from being a mother.

And for me, that time is (always) well spent with my BFF, coffee, and a good book. 

I can't wait for my next date with the two of them. Knowing the baby boy will be well taken care of is half the battle.

Thanks to Munchkin for partnering on this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

May 18, 2016

Nitty Gritty

When it comes down to basics, this is it. I've been in a major minimalist mood for the past year or so. Basically since my baby boy was born. If you knew me before, I was all about the special accessories. But, there's nothing practical about statement necklaces, silky anything or tripping over strappy heels. At least not when you're around a grab-anything-put-it-my-mouth kiddo all day. (I'm sure this will change once the kiddo is less interested in his mommy and I'll miss this time of my life.)

The funny thing is, I used to think I would never change my style. But, perhaps the style evolution is about the evolution of my life and as a result, I'm adapting my style towards my new life. I'm more aware of my sense of self and my body (even though that's changing too since I'm nursing and still feeling a bit "soft" from not working out as much as before) and trying trends that really work with my wardrobe, rather than forcing trends to fit my wardrobe.

Don't get me wrong, I still love the eclectic vibe. But, I'm more selective about what I do. I'm willing to invest in long term pieces rather than paying for fast purchases that I see in the stores as I walk by. Hence, that whole capsule thing I talked about - we'll get there I'm sure.

The great thing is I have this blog to see my evolution. Even cringe at them. And continue to grow and change. 

May 16, 2016

Weekend Wrapup

"My weekend felt way too long," said no one ever.

While my weekends (and hell, my weeks for that matter) are not earth shattering exciting, they are filled with family and friends that make my world go round.

I have spent many a thought wondering why my life didn't look like another's and I always end up at the same place - realizing how ungrateful I sounded and how my life is (actually) quite wonderful in its own way.

I spent this past weekend:

  • doing laundry
  • working out
  • running errands
  • meeting friends
  • grabbing groceries
  • eating takeout
  • cleaning and tidying up
  • not cleaning and tidying up 
  • watching Snapchats for way too long than I care to admit
  • surfing the web

I mean...what more can I ask for, right?

I've walked by this block SO many times, but just recently appreciated its beauty 

So I "stole" this shot from my own Snapchat, but really...there's something so charming about this view, don't you think? 

I never tire of a coffee shot - especially when it shows off a Le Creuset mug and saucer. 

Who doesn't want a photo of their dessert? 

Does this even need a caption?

May 13, 2016

Keep It Off The Shoulder

 Dress: Who What Wear x Target (similar), Denim jacket, Flats: Chanel, Accessories: Karen Walker sunglasses, Tory Burch cross body

Frankly, when it comes to style and shopping, I've been quite the frugal fashionista. I was on my quest to build a capsule, but that process has actually been a slow one for me. My body isn't in the shape I want it to be in (yet) so I haven't felt the urge to invest in any clothing that I may not want to wear later.

However, I "splurged" when it came to this off the shoulder dress in the recent Who What Wear x Target collection. Availability seems to come and go in the stores, but I bought mine earlier during its release. 

With my current lifestyle - chasing after a toddler, wiping drool and catching drool everywhere - I need things that I don't need to fuss over. The fabric is 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which is a huge plus since that means it's low maintenance, breathable and easy to wear. Plus, it's that trend that keeps on trending - the off the shoulder look. 

And, you can't really hate on an outfit that you can feel put together in with a classic denim jacket and some classic Chanel flats, right?


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