September 29, 2014

Distressed x Sequins

Jacket: thrifted Willow & Clay, T-shirt: Target, Distressed denim: Ross (c/o), Heels: Prabal Gurung x Target (old), Accessories: Karen Walker sunglasses, Clare Vivier foldover clutch

Pairing something feminine, like this sequin jacket, with something more masculine, like distressed denim, isn't revolutionary but, it sure is a good go-to pairing

September 25, 2014


all images my own via Instagram and my iPhone - (above: fresh mochi from Japantown!)

You may recall my words about stepping up my fitness game but, I am no stranger when it comes to eating food. I still enjoy a good meal and even a cheat meal but, I make wiser choices on the daily. It's all about balance, of course. 

My phone has definitely become a part of my dining experience. While I don't want to be that person who slows down the dining experience, I do manage to sneak in a photo before the meal is consumed. Even my husband admits that a photo has come in handy when we repeat restaurants and can't be specific about what we ate (insert photo history here). 

Based on these photos, I don't think my food photo habits are going to die anytime soon.

 Ramen life from a favorite neighborhood spot

Wild boar scissor cut (fresh) noodles and woke seared beef with argulua from M.Y. China

Namu Gaji (handmade noodle with chicken broth and Korean barley tea

Coffee n clothes 

Last of the seasonal fruit

 Wedding reception noms
Marla Bakery fresh baked bread!

Cassava brunch - duck leg confit with summer peach, quinoa and poached egg

Marla Bakery - coffee and bagel

Super Duper Burgers - cheeseburger and fries on National Cheeseburger Day

AT&T Park (SF Giants) - garlic fries

Troya SF - pita bread, falafel, chicken kabab

September 24, 2014

Wednesday Whim - The Verb

 all images via Verb Hotel

In the same way I developed this odd obsession with the Ace Hotel (even though I've never stayed there), I have recently become equally enamored with The Verb Hotel. So. Good.

Design and advertising firm, GBH, collaborated with property developers, Samuels and Associates, to design The Verb Hotel (which included 93 rooms in a mid-century modern Howard Johnson motel from 1959). Despite living next to the home of the Boston Red Sox, GBH veered away from baseball references and took inspiration from the musical scene that made the Fenway area so vibrant in the 1960s. 

After learning that many iconic bands played in the neighborhood (The Velvet Underground, The Rolling stones, Aerosmith, Nirvana) and that the former hotel was associated with a lot of rock & roll moments, GBH wanted to create a unique and alternative hotel experience. Combining style, architecture and historical references The Verb Hotel is "a reminder of the music and attitude that is live and kicking in Fenway." 

As for the name of the rebranded hotel? A "verb" describes an action and a state of being. It's a character. It's a great throwback to everything that was good and is good. (Oh, and everyone can give the "V" sign as being hip requires you to do so). 

Hotel exterior

 Hotel entrance
 Hotel entrance with signage


Front Desk

"Center Stage" lobby

Room details 

Poolside King-bed room

Closet details - including art in the background

Dressing area / bathroom

Rooms overlooking pool and sundeck 

Outdoor pool area

The "V" (Verb) Sign

September 23, 2014

Farewell Summer

 Leather jacket: H&M Icons Collection, Star print shirt: H&M Kids, Printed shorts: Forever 21, Booties: Matiko via Ideel, Accessories: Aldo's sunglasses, Claire Vivier clutch

Transitions happen so quickly nowadays. People move from job to job, apartment to apartment, group to group, so much more often than before that it seems seamless. Just yesterday, we officially transitioned from summer to fall. 

While I talked about the fall season, I wasn't quite ready to let summer go. It wasn't because I had a season filled with trips or endless periods of leisure time but, the long days filled with light and the seasonal food has been too good to let go. 

The irony with SF is that we often enter Indian Summer so I may not actually be in summer but I can still feel like we're in summer mode.

September 19, 2014

Cozy Season

 Jacket, top, pants, sneakers: Ross (c/o)

We haven't had a real rain day in California in a while. I miss them dearly. Yesterday, we got a tease of rain. While I didn't pull out my umbrella or other rain gear, it reminded me of the hopeful rainy season ahead (*crossing all fingers and toes*). 

Despite the non-rainy rain, I could smell the change in the air that comes when seasons change. It made me feel ready to fully embrace fall and all my seasonal traditions. Part of that includes the best kind of cozy days. With the chill in the air and the decrease in daylight, I opt for pieces that make me feel comfortable. 

In my final collaborative look with Ross for #RossFallFaves I'm all about this laid-back vibe. In my house, seasonal traditions include staying in on Sundays to watch the (football) game. We do what we have to in the morning and hang out with our friends for the rest of the day to cheer or jeer the teams. It's a tradition I love and I love a look that can get me indoors to outdoors without fuss. With such a casual vibe, this floral jacket is a great way to dress up without dressing up. The sheer detail creates a lightness to the look that I couldn't achieve with any of my other jackets. It's perfect for that quick coffee break I love to take.

What's your favorite seasonal traditional?


And with my final collaborative look comes your final voting! If you want your own seasonal cozy look you can win a $150 gift card to Ross by voting for me or any other look. I'm so grateful for your support and votes throughout this fun challenge. Thanks for it all!

As with my first, second and third look for #RossFallFaves, I received a gift card for this post but all comments and opinions are my own. Thanks again to Ross for including me in this campaign.


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