August 22, 2014

Free Feelin'

Echoing last weekend's mantra, I'm maintaining a free spirit kind of attitude. The daylight is decreasing so all I want to do is enjoy the light while I still can. Sure, the fall and winter seasons have their cool points but, there's nothing like coming home from work with the sky still lit up and the feeling of extra time on your hands. 

Enjoy the weekend!

August 21, 2014

Last Remnants of Summer

 Stripe top: Forever 21, Skirt: Forever 21, Sandals: Target, H&M panama hat

Keeping things casual and easy with stripes and a maxi skirt. Fall feels closer than ever! While part of me is ready to embrace the new season, the other part of me is holding on to the last remnants of summer.

August 20, 2014

Wednesday Whim - Trio of Treehouses

When I was growing up, I dreamed of having a treehouse. A secret retreat. A place of my own. A spot to "get away" from adults and play with whatever I wanted. It was a kid's dream! Imagine my delight when I across these beautifully constructed trio of treehouses designed by environmentalist, Peter Bahouth and built by Nick Hobbs.

These treehouses are in the middle of a forest in Atlanta and they sit 50 feet above the ground. Aptly named, "Mind," "Body," and "Soul" they are meant to stimulate the senses. Naturally, his inspiration for these magical treehouses came from a childhood dream of building the "biggest tree fort imaginable." After six months of planning and six weeks of construction (using spare windows and 80-year-old windows) his ultimate tree fort became a reality. Suspension bridges connect each treehouse and each space is decorated with flea market finds and personal mementos. 

Pretty dreamy, eh? For different photos, read this.

August 19, 2014

Forgetting Sucks

T-shirt: Evernote, Scallop hem skirt: Forever 21 (or shorts), Sneakers: Nike Free 5.0, Accessories: Aldo's mirrored sunglasses, Jimmy Choo x H&M bracelet, Free People sequin crossbody bag

That time when you are speaking in front of everyone and then plain ol' forget your thought? Forgetting sucks.

My husband got me this t-shirt when he visited the Evernote headquarters and it has quickly become one of my favorite t-shirts. The font definitely attracts people's attention and after deciphering the phrase, people usually nod their heads in agreement.

I'm the worst at remembering birthdays. I don't mean to be so forgetful (who does?) but, even with my million reminders, I'll forget as soon as I start doing something else and at the last moment, I'll realize I haven't yet sent that birthday card or flowers. Oy. 

What do you most often forget to do?

August 18, 2014

Free Spirit

This weekend, the husband and I retreated from SF and hung out with family/friends. We had no plans and we simply hung out, played games, had dinner together and engaged in meaningful chats. With the urge to plan everything out, doing exactly the opposite of our typical routine is surprisingly soothing. Unplugging from the world made us feel like this weekend was extra long, which is always a good feeling.


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