October 23, 2014

Photos Lately

at Rita's in Los Angeles

As Ferris Bueller said, "life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around in a while, you could miss it."

As time would have it, we are nearing the end of October. Crazy, right? Such is life but, thankfully I am obsessed with documenting certain moments around me (not always shown on IG). When I write these Instagram/iPhone posts, I realize how much I get to accomplish and see around me. The day passes so quickly that I don't even realize it sometimes. 

While obsessing over taking photos is arguably an unhealthy habit I am grateful that I can remember these moments and feel more connected to them. For me, that's important.

What have you been up to lately?

Finally spotted the Essie vending machine at the airport

Dreamy Vera Wang wedding gowns in Beverly Hills

(Clockwise starting top left)  Classic LACMA shot with the Urban Light installation // Hollywood Costume exhibit - seriously amazing // The (Berlin) Wall project in LA to commemorate the 20th fall of the Berlin Wall // B Sweet brick and mortar

(Clockwise starting top left) Man's breakfast for ladies who brunch:  cinnamon roll french toast sandwich with organic egg, bacon and sausage and a breakfast "burger" with hashbrown, fried egg and bacon at C&M Cafe // Pretty and delicious - fruit-infused water // Pretty drink with yummy food at The Wallace // nomming at my favorite Urth Caffe

Beautiful view (of Alcatraz) on a special evening with the husband

Volunteer day at Ocean Beach building sand castles for LEAP

(Clockwise starting top left)  Re-visiting The Cavalier with friends // my inner girl died for these Hello Kitty x SF Giants gear =D // pretty flowers and a cute teddy from the husband // delicious Golden Boy Pizza at Washington Park

sneak shot of a sweet and entertaining movie - The Book of Life

feeling more and more seasonal every week - at the Pumpkin Patch

October 22, 2014

Wednesday Whim - Lotus & Bamboo Tea Room

 photos via Contemporist via Minax

For the 2014 China International Aguilaria Culture Exposition and Living Space Exhibition, Shanghai-based design studio, Minax, completed this blissful tea room. The room is made of 500 bamboo pieces that are six centimeters in diameter in various heights. 

The layout is well thought out and executed as t
he varying height mimics the shape of an ellipsoid inside a cube with spot lights inside cut bamboo that cast light in specific spots so when people enter, the dark (or negative) spaces emphasize the ellipsoid shape. 

The lotus theme is prevalent throughout the space. . There are lotus blooms placed on top of the table with a detailed canal carving in the middle, making the
 long tea table live up to its name "Qushui," which means "winding creek" in Chinese.

The integration of wood, light, bamboo and tea create a peaceful, artistic and magical setting for a tea room.

October 21, 2014

Cozy Sweater

 Tunic dress: H&M, Sweater: Vintage, Boots: H&M (similar), Accessories: Karen Walker sunglasses, H&M necklace, Forever 21 bag

The days are definitely feeling like fall and my wardrobe has finally caught up. Recently, I've been obsessed with cozy sweaters. Especially longer length ones. I feel all snuggled up wearing them and they are definitely great options to wear with dresses. 

October 16, 2014

A Gal & Her Team

 Shirt: H&M Kids, Tank: Target, Skirt: American Apparel, Sneakers: Nike Free 5.0, Accessories: SF Giants hat via Lids, Karen Walker sunglasses (25% with code family25), Clare Vivier foldover clutch (25% with code family25)

Throughout the blog, I've had a soft spot for my home team (from their ups and their downs and their opening season). Through thick and thin, we've been through it together. It sounds so funny / weird doesn't it? To advocate a team so much so that you feel emotions as they go through wins and suffer through losses? 

But, the emotions are real
. And we're back in that critical time where a win means everything (and there's even a little compassion there for my unhappy husband whose team didn't get this far). It means the team I've been rooting for will advance to the ultimate game of the season. The World Series. Baseball is a classic, American sport and you either love or you hate to watch it. When you love it, you remember everything about it. When the big games happen, you can recall where you were when you watched a specific play and who you were with. It's an interesting memory game. So, I'm going to appreciate this time of the year and I'm likely going to remember the specific details that a person otherwise forgets. 

And, thanks for letting me explore my other passion a little more on this blog. Because I'm all about the home team right now.

October 15, 2014

Wednesday Whim - Reflection

 above image by Axel Taferner (via MMM)

The wonders of installation art is the ability to create something that wasn't there before in a place that doesn't typically serve as an art venue. As part of this year's DUMBO Arts Festival, Brooklyn-based sculptor Tom Fruin installed his plexiglass house (Kolonihavehus) in Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

The house/art (called Reflection) was lit from the inside and even served as a temporary home for Copenhagen-based performance group, CoreAct, who performed their act during the day. Reflection was a "poetic interpretation concerning our daily choices, or lack of choices, and their consequences to our common future." As DUMBO Arts Festival described it, CoreAct

portray(ed) everyday dilemmas and lifestyle paradoxes in a subtle manner. They have the lost the ability to meaningfully discriminate, and are trapped in a long chain of procrastination, mirroring our current social patterns.
The plexiglass house is no longer up for viewing but, we can all ponder on what this installation meant to viewers. As we move through this fast-paced lifestyle of ours where information (factual or not) is just at our fingertips, we can relate to the loss of making informed decisions in favor of making popular (and sometimes easier) decisions at some point in our lives.

image via DUMBO Arts Festival 

image via DUMBO Arts Festival  

image by Shawn Hoke 

image by Gigi Altarejos 

image via DUMBO Arts Festival  

image by Gigi Altarejos 


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