May 26, 2015

Family Outing

I admire those who can (seemingly) "bounce back" after a major lifestyle change. You know the ones - the folks who go with the flow, manage changing expectations and never seem to miss a beat. 

I am not one of those people. After having baby Brandon (two weeks early, no less!) I have taken everything day by day. Eating in between Brandon's sleep and feeding schedule. Showering when the husband (or anyone) is around "just in case the baby cries." Napping...if I can. Yet, all of this feels like a futile attempt at trying to catch up to whatever "normal" I had before baby. The simple things seem like a huge accomplishment. The truth is that I have a new normal now. A life with a baby, which means incorporating his schedule with mine. The challenge isn't taking care of the baby. It's adapting to a new lifestyle.

According to the husband, we're simply going to recapture our normalcy by doing things we still love...just with a baby in tow. First up? Brunch at one of our neighborhood joints. Simple but effective. On a typical grey SF day, we ventured out on our first (non-medical) family outing and enjoyed every minute of it. All 90 minutes of it.

Smile! Let's remember this moment

Because a day without a baby photo is no longer normal

May 14, 2015

Days Gone By

I didn't anticipate giving birth early (who does?), but now that I've gotten to know baby Brandon for 13 days now, it's surreal to imagine life without him in it.

The word surreal has been tossed around a lot in my life for the last two weeks. It's surreal I'm no longer pregnant. It's surreal my labor and delivery happened SO quickly (to be revealed in a future post). It's surreal that I'm now a woman who can add "mother" to her list of titles. And it's surreal that my life is now filled with so much emotion for a baby.

The last leg of my pregnancy was the toughest out of all the trimesters. Compared to the first and second trimesters, I was the most uncomfortable, the most clumsy and the most nervous. 

  • I no longer had strong cravings for food (sadness). Instead, I experienced heartburn after meals. As baby Brandon got bigger, my stomach had less room to fill out. I never felt heartburn before so I popped Tums like candy.
  • Basic movements were challenging. My girth was wide so turning and opening doors without hitting my belly was commonplace.
  • I caught a cold during the last weeks of pregnancy and the congestion was killer. I couldn't take "regular" medicine so I felt horrible for about a week before I even started to feel better. I powered through it as best as I could, but I felt awful.
  • My right foot was more swollen than my left foot on and off throughout the pregnancy. Not cute.
  • Klutz alert. They say that women get clumsy and it actually was true for me. I broke my husband's favorite coffee mug in the sink. Of course, he took it well, but I promptly went on eBay to find him a replacement!
  • The urge to nest was not rampant for me. I went through spurts of cleaning and organizing during my second trimester, but it wasn't unusual compared to "my normal" urge to clean and organize. Instead, during the last three months, I grew increasingly nervous and anxious. 
    • Would I be capable of taking care of another human being? 
    • How bad would postpartum depression be? 
    • How will my body recover? 
    • Are we financially set? 
    • How will life be like without work? 
    • Everything was incredibly foreign and the unknown of it all was unsettling.
Despite all this, I really would do this all again. I actually miss my belly and feeling baby Brandon kick and roll inside me. It was comforting to know that everything I was doing was for his benefit and that he was safe and sound inside the womb. Now, he's in this world with us and I can only protect him as much as I physically can as he continues to grow and become his own person.

Even at baby Brandon's newborn stage, I am learning to savor every second with him. At 13 days, he already seems like a completely different baby than the first day we brought him home. Seeing that I often reference time on this blog and its inevitable fast pace, I definitely imagine myself to be one of those parents who cannot believe how quickly her child has grown. 

So please indulge with me as I learn to be a better mother and a better person. I may no longer be showcasing a baby belly, but I will be showcasing more of myself as a stronger, and hopefully wiser, woman.

May 13, 2015

Wednesday Whim - Zhang Jingna

 (images via Behance) Photography by: Zhang Jingna, Styling by: Phuong My, Clothing by: Kwak Ji Young, Hair by: Daniel Wong, Makeup by: Derek Yuan, Modeling by: Kwak Ji Young

To put it simply, this photo shoot by New York based photographer, Zhang Jingna, for the Spring/Summer 2015 Phyong My collection is stunning

Jingna's work has been featured in Vogue China, Elle Singapore and the British Journal of Photography. She aims for perfection during her shoots in order to reduce editing during her post work. In her words, post work becomes pretty straightforward with this method. Her aesthetic leans towards the romantic without the overly glossy effect that comes with high-fashion photos. For her, the magic happens when she combines lighting and the models together. During her shoots, she tries to capture the models as they are "graceful with a quiet, steady strength, also a little sad, and, most important, heatbreakingly beautiful." 

Jingna's style serves as a perfect combination for t
he use of luxurious materials and the romantic aesthetic of the brand, Phuong My. The modern silhouettes combined with the dreamy backdrop of roses (by Padma de Fleur & QA Pham) creates the amazing visuals that showcases Jingna's preference for more illustrative and painterly photographs.

May 11, 2015


leaving the hospital with my baby boy!

If you spotted this on IG then you may already know that I've been MIA (Mother In Action)! On Friday, May 1, 2015, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy we named Brandon. He decided to show up two weeks ahead of schedule, thereby asserting time is no longer in my control. 

I have felt everything you can imagine...excited, tired, happy, sad and most of all, completely in love. No amount of book reading or classes could properly prepare me for all of this. Those posts where I mentioned I took baby classes to prepare myself for birth actually turned out to be a very different experience for me (more on that later!). But, those nerves I described before have really stayed steady as I have this newborn baby in my life.

Despite all the change,I couldn't be happier. I hope you continue to follow along this journey of mine. I'll have some changes on this blog that will reflect my new life but my personal style will still remain a focus as well. With some special guest appearances by baby Brandon, too. 

all sorts of pretty florals to celebrate baby Brandon

Throwin' up the peace sign ;-)

My first Mother's Day EVER!

April 30, 2015

Sweet Stripes

Now that I've donned the maxi dress I couldn't help but go for it again. I was worried the stripes would draw too much emphasis on my widening belly but, thankfully, this dress hugged my curves just enough to be flattering. 


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