November 25, 2015

Thankful Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So. Crazy. 

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because the day is all about food and family/friends. While a lot of people anticipate the craze of holiday shopping with sales and deals, I'm one of the ones who likes to sit back and slowly soak in the holiday fervor that erupts.

Rather than my usual Wednesday Whim post, I wanted to take a minute to appreciate all the good and be thankful for all of it. The world has been filled with some terrible news as of late and it's easy to focus on the negative. 

 San Francisco City Hall - in honor of Paris
But, a holiday like Thanksgiving reminds us all that plenty of positive things do exist.

family selfie with all of us looking at the camera at the same time!

To put it simply, I'm thankful for my family. Out of everything 2015 has given me, I cherish my newly expanded family. While parenthood has been a whirlwind (to say the least), I wouldn't trade this role for anything else in the world. I know some people are not so fortunate so despite the challenges I face, I know I'm lucky to have a healthy and happy family.

Sure, there are ups and downs, but all the ups make up for all the downs. When Baby B smiles or starts to giggle, I can't help but feel immeasurable joy. When Baby B sleeps, I can't help but feel endless love for him. When Baby B cries, I can't help but feel protective of him. So all those clich├ęs that people hear about how being a parent changes you? Yea, I would totally agree with them. It's amazing how quickly my outlook on life has changed with him in this world.

We're going to be fortunate enough to be around family and friends this year in San Francisco for B's first Thanksgiving. I didn't grow up in a traditional household, but I'm enthusiastic to start our own. Some traditions might stick and some might not, but this is a road I'm excited to pave.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you eat to your heart's content and you enjoy being with the family and friends you're with.

In the spirit of the holiday, I hope you'll share what you're grateful for as well!

November 23, 2015

Seeing Red

Red is such a powerful color. In Asian culture, the color red symbolizes good fortune and joy. During the holiday season, the color is synonymous with Christmas. And for the rest of us, the color is associated with strength, passion and love.

I haven't owned a bold red outfit that conveys such conviction of self (yet), but until that day arrives I find it appropriate to pop with accents of such a strong color.

November 13, 2015

That Spirit

I'm totally getting into the holiday spirit around here. The husband and I are finalizing Thanksgiving plans, we're discussing decorations (yup...), there's a chill in the air (and in our apt...brr!) and I've got that infamous red, holiday cup in my hand.

I haven't quite transitioned the wardrobe towards winter wear yet, but this BR shirt is getting some air time until that happens. The oversize fit, the multi tiers and the crisp white color makes it a perfect throw on top. With my current lifestyle (a sometimes persnickety baby, a 10-minute morning routine and a penchant for comfort) it's perfect for the day I take a stroll around the neighborhood with Baby B. I don't have to think much about my look and it makes me feel so much more put together than I am. 

Total win.

November 11, 2015

Wednesday Whim - Crane Journal

 all images via Cristian Marianciuc via Bored Panda

When I was in elementary school, I read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. The story resonated with me and I began folding origami cranes, which subsequently led to an obsession with origami in general and all the beautiful things that could be made. I haven't actually folded origami in years, but as soon as I came across Cristian Mariancjuc's work, I began to revisit that ol' hobby.

In a year-long challenge Cristian Mariancjuc has created a "crane journal" where he folds a new paper crane everyday that documents his day through colors, shadows and everything that surrounds him. Like me, Sadako's story inspired him and he felt life was passing him by and that he had shelved his creativity. For him, each crane represents a memory he can reflect on.

The dedication to his craft is admirable. Some cranes take under 30 minutes while others take much longer. There is no limitation to his cranes. Only his imagination.

To follow the end of his year-long project, check out his Instagram or Facebook.

November 9, 2015

Holiday Shopping (Already)

all items found at Ross (cozy slippers and foot treatment set, blanket scarf, picture frame, "Good Morning Gorgeous" mug, lavender soy candle and designer perfume)

In just about two more weeks, holiday shopping becomes official. I'm talking about the day after Thanksgiving when stores, both physical and virtual, saturate us with deals, steals and frills.

I've been more excited for the holidays this year than any other year though. A baby can do that to you, ya know?

Usually, I'm one of the last minute shoppers. Try as I might to get an early start, I always have some gifts left to the end. This year though I've already been active in searching for gifts for people. *crossing my fingers I'll get things done earlier!* Frankly, my time isn't what it used to be so time to shop has become a luxury. I'm lucky to even get some time on the computer to window shop! I have to be more efficient than ever before. Not so surprisingly, Ross has become my one-stop shop. True story - Ross has become a great resource for gift buying. 

Just last week, I found things for the gal pals in my life...

foot spa goodies with cozy slippers for my always-on-her-feet-sister-in-law. 

lavender scented candle for my zen friend
designer perfume for my makeup guru friend
picture frame for my mother-in-law (inspirational quote insert optional)

I even found a couple of treats for me - a blanket scarf and a new coffee mug (hey, moms deserve some self-love too!)

I'm certainly not done, but I'm getting that head start I never made time for before. As the holidays inch closer and closer, I'll be making several more stops for the gents and maybe some more special treats for me. Tis the season, right? 

Have you started on your holiday shopping?

*This post is in collaboration with Ross as their Ross Bargain Hunter program. Compensation was received but all opinions and ideas are my own.


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