April 23, 2015

Basketball Belly

I saw my friend the other day and he said, "it looks like you have a basketball under your shirt!" I hadn't even noticed my belly shape but I totally laughed at the thought. 

His comment did make me think of how far I've come from the early days of finding out I was pregnant. 
Everyday, I'm reminded of how close my due date is (mid-May!) and everyday, I get a bit more anxious, nervous, excited and scared. I'm a ball of emotions (no pun intended) and I am experiencing a grieving period with my "old life." Making last-minute plans with friends, watching TV at odd hours of the night, sleeping in...all the little things that I took for granted when it was just the husband and me hanging out.

But, what I might "lose" in independence I know I'll gain in other areas. I'm not sure what this might feel like but based on all the stories I've read and heard over the months, there's an indescribable love and fulfillment that comes with motherhood. I won't ever stop worrying or stop over-thinking (it's my nature and I'm sure it'll intensify with a child) but, I can take things one day at a time and enjoy each moment. That's something I've always struggled to reconcile being such a planner in life. As my friend wisely reminded me, "there is a time for everything." Just enjoy the ride.

April 22, 2015

Wednesday Whim - Pencil Shaving Art

 all images via Meghan Maconochie via Bored Panda   (above: Banksy's Shooting Panda)

If drawing on a minuscule scale hasn't blown you away (like here or here) then how about using the discarded shavings from a pencil to create art? That's what teacher by day, artist by night Meghan Maconochie is doing. She began a 365-day Instagram project where she uses hand-sharpened pencil shavings as a medium and creates various art works (animals, pop art, food, celebrities, etc.) layered on card or paper. Some are completed as quickly as 10 minutes and others take hours to create. For more of her amazing creations, check out her IG!

April 21, 2015

Twinkle Toes

This obviously isn't my first blacked-out outfit you've seen but, the basics are really reliable right now. I'm in my final weeks of pregnancy (time has FLOWN!) and the struggle is real. I can't see my feet much anymore but that hasn't stopped me from choosing options that make me feel pretty. These glittery options are never worn enough and while I can't see them twinkle, at least others can.

April 20, 2015

Maxi Moment

Maxi dress: Banana Republic, Denim jacket: H&M, Sandals: Fibi and Clo (℅) Accessories: Karen Walker sunglasses, La Mer watch, Thrifted Coach Willis

I haven't worn a maxi dress during this pregnancy...until now. I constantly heard how pregnant women loved wearing a maxi dress (anything loose, flowy and basically a onesie is a winner) but I just plain ol' avoided wearing one. I was thisclose to getting one from Rachel Pally but then I remembered this fab one I purchased from Banana Republic last summer. I never wore it since it was actually too long on me. I intended to get it hemmed but, life got the best of me and I never made a trip to the tailor. By luck, this maxi dress fit over my burgeoning belly and the extra length worked in my favor! 

Now, based on experience, I can say maxi dresses are indeed perfect for pregnant women.

April 16, 2015

Pattern Play

I haven't experimented much with patterns during this pregnancy. I've never been shy about mixing and matching before but through the course of this pregnancy, I opted for basics whenever I bought anything so I could easily pair them with items in my closet. As practical as this route has been, I've been missing the bold colors and prints I typically wear, especially with the recent sunshine and good weather we've had in SF, So, I hiked up my unzipped skirt and wore my trusty stripe shirt for a good ol' pattern play paired outfit. 


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