February 8, 2016

The Year of the Monkey

Last year, I celebrated Chinese New Year with baby B growing on the inside. Now, he's a budding baby with growing opinions and a growing curiosity.
I gave him his first "lai see" and he was instantly intrigued. He fumbled with it between his hands and put the envelope in his mouth. He looked at it for a long time. And then he threw it. It was so funny.
I know I won't have the answers to all his questions about the Chinese culture, but what I don't know we can learn together. And that actually sounds pretty fun.

Happy Lunar New Year!

P.S. Those baby toes though...

February 1, 2016


Here we go...the second month of the new year. 

I know...I roll my eyes at myself over how much I lament on the passing of time, but somehow I never get over the fact that time moves ever so quickly. I feel like all I do is stay sane enough to "keep up." Do you ever feel like that?

I got quiet on the blogging front when the family came down with the case of the cold. One by one, we were all taken out. The last of us to catch it was baby B. As a new mom, this was my first time dealing with an ill baby. And it wasn't even bad! A slight cough. Runny nose. Cranky attitude. Overall, it was nothing compared to how I hear it could be. BUT, the caveat was that I was also sick. And...welllll...that's a whole new ball game. The days of just lying in bed, watching Netflix and sleeping whenever I want are simply memories now. Like the commercial says, "moms don't take sick days." Now, I have to hatch a new battle plan for sick days. 

All this "down time" in the house left me pondering on many thoughts. On the blog. On my views on parenting. On my life as a whole. Even though I'm more than halfway through baby B's first year of life, I'm only just getting the mother title down. It took all of my energy to roll out of the house, throw on this blanket scarf and feel put together...let alone look it. I trust that I'll get to a balancing act that will work for me. Hopefully sooner than later. But, until then please bare with me.

Looking at some blogging moms, I feel like they're heroes. They seem to "do it all." 
{some of my faves: Oh Joy, Love Taza, The Daybook, A Cup of Jo}
Oh yes, I realize the moments posted are moments filtered. But, it's still admirable.

And the moms who I know personally who care for more than one baby, who work and take care of their babies and those who have to do it on their own...well they're my superheroes.

Simply put, you all rock. If I'm half of what I see in all of you then I'm on the right track.

January 12, 2016

The Capsule

As I said before I'm not much of a resolutions gal, but I love goals and attributes that allow me to grow into a better person. One of the goals I'm working on this year is to be a savvier shopper. 

When I started this blog I thought I would share how I shop to readers. But, like other (blogger) things, I didn't get around to it and then a slew of other bloggers were sharing their stories and I felt like I missed the boat. 

Yet, as the saying goes, it's never too late. So I'm going to build a clothing capsule and share my shopping journey with you. I'll share what I want in my capsule, why I think things will work for my lifestyle and how this can work for styles of all ages. 

You may have noticed on this blog that I repeat things in my closet often. You can see this pattern most notably in my year-end round ups (here and here). I don't do this simply for the sake of saving money, but because I truly love the versatility of apparel. Even if the versatility isn't obvious. 

SO I think the notion of a clothing capsule is up my alley. Also, the notion of a clothing capsule will keep me focused, refined and accountable. 

I've always been a lover of fashion and trying out new trends and styles, but I'm just growing into a more adult taste. Being a mother now, I'm finding out a new definition of versatility. I need items that I can be comfortable, easy to throw on, easy to throw off and still be chic. So when it comes to finding new clothes, I am keeping these things in mind.

Have you ever created a clothing capsule? I'm so intrigued to commit to this personal challenge and I'd love to know what you think (and if you did this already, then how was this experience for you?).

January 7, 2016


I don't remember the last time I bought proper outerwear. It's been a while since SF has had really cold, rainy weather. So I just went through last season wearing layers and old coats.  But, El Nino has arrived and this 3-in-1 parka is serving its purpose. I'm enjoying the 3-in-1 style options and the sporty vibe. Plus, the hood? Roomy, covers your head and allows you to still see where you're walking. Legit in the rain lemme tell ya.

January 5, 2016


 image via my Instagram at Mamacita


So good.

Living in SF means I constantly have access to amazing eats. In fact, keeping up with said amazing eats can be exhausting. Pre-baby, the husband and I would frequent many restaurants on our shared list of "restaurants to eat at." So original, right?

However, post-baby meant dropping that list (for now). Our list still grows, but we're figuring out the best-for-us-sorta-baby-friendly spots in SF. 

So why am I bringing food up now? Well, it's one of those topics that I always wanted to venture out on this blog. Not because I'm some amazing cook or connoisseur of SF dining, but simply to share my enthusiasm with others who feel the same way. I value good ingredients and the efforts that go towards cooking a good meal. I like to cook and I like to eat. And while I'm perpetually perusing the web for fellow mothers who appreciate the art of cooking and the love of dining, I figured that I could share my little knowledge base as well.

It'll be a work in progress for sure. I'm going to balance my personal style with my personal take on food. A little bit of experimentation if you will.

Don't worry, I'm not trying to become a Martha Stewart here. I'll leave that to the professionals. 

But, I sure am going to check off that item on my to-do list I mentioned before.

Damn good sandwich at the Deli Board

 Dining and waiting for pizza at Pizzeria Delfina

Elevated comfort food at Marla Bakery

Surprise! A gifted Kitchen Aid for Christmas means an attempt at deep dish pizza at home!


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