August 6, 2015


Hearts in San Francisco - Union Square

It's funny how memories sneak up on you. This photo above was a rare moment in Union Square. Barely a soul in the normally bustling area. I was leaving the doctor's office and took a quick snap with my iPhone 3G. You can tell due to the blurry focus of the photo. It's a moment in time I recall so vividly despite how short and seemingly banal the moment was.

I came across the photo as I was perusing old photos on my computer. Loads of them. Mostly unorganized. I kept thinking how I meant to get them into proper folders so I could sort through them with ease. Suddenly, I gasped, "where are half of the 2013 photos?" To my horror, about half of the photos from my 2013 year were gone. Poof. Missing. Just like that. I have no idea where the photos went. They were on a separate hard drive. Did a folder somehow just get deleted? I can barely recall what photos are missing. Several outfit posts, sure. But, those don't break my heart as much as the personal photos I won't get back. Heartbroken really isn't enough to describe the sadness I feel. But, there is nothing I can do about it. They are just gone.

This incident led me to think about my past and present. Since B has been in my life, I've snapped a photo of him daily. He changes every single day. It's hardly detectable when I see him everyday, but when I scroll through my photos, I am overwhelmed at how much he has changed...and me along with him. Change is happening everyday of my life. Three months into motherhood and I feel like a different person. The person I was in 2013 with half of the year in photos 
missing is not the same person I am now in 2015. It's all sounds so symbolic doesn't it?

I may not have all memories saved through photos, but that doesn't make the experiences any less special. Words will have to paint a vivid picture of the past. When Brandon is old enough, I can tell him all about certain adventures and ideals I had. Perhaps he can carry through what I couldn't.

I bring all this up now as I'm feeling quite nostalgic as of late. I see so much potential with Brandon and his future and I become overwhelmed with how much anticipation I have for him. The excitement I once felt when I was a kid - knowing there were many adventures in my future - is something he'll feel when he's old enough. I only hope to instill in him guidelines that he can refer to in order to make the right choices for his life. 

I knew becoming a parent would change me but I never realized how much it could change my outlook on life and the different perspective I have on things. Life is bigger than me and my everyday worries. Life is short. Although I mourn the loss of the past (photos), I have so many more memories to make. And maybe I'll capture those memories digitally, but if I don't then that's OK, too.

August 5, 2015

Wednesday Whim - Pantone Matching

 all images via Inka Mathew via Co.Design

Most of you know about the wonderful world that is Pantone swatches, but not many of us actually use it. Enter graphic designer, Inka Mathew. Although she uses Pantone swatches for her profession, she also uses the swatches in a new way where she precisely matches everyday items to corresponding colors. In her 2-year old series, Tiny PMS Match, she has found matches to common objects 95% of the time, for a total of approximately 145 colorful compositions. Not surprisingly, she has caught the interest of the masses and she will be releasing a book in Spring 2016 filled with never-before-seen Pantone matches.

Inka Mathew states she picks items with meaning to her and something that she wants to remember. Her method is very straightforward. She uses her iPhone to snap photos and Snapseed to edit (without altering color values). This project has made her more aware of colors and how huge the range is. She is reminded that "Pantone is not the 'God' of colors and there are times (she) can't find a match." But, for all the other matches she does make, she clearly does a good job of showcasing the breadth of Pantone.

August 4, 2015

But First, Ulta San Francisco

As a newbie in the parenting department, I'm still figuring out time for baby, time for marriage, and time for me. When news broke that an Ulta was FINALLY opening up in SF, I couldn't wait. Can you believe there hasn't been one in SF until NOW?

Fortunately, timing worked in my favor. As a treat, I went in to check out the new digs and use the Ulta Salon services to got my eyebrows done. A day to myself filled with beauty shopping? Yay! 

And I even fit in some beauty product shopping, too. Have you guys used OPI's Avoplex cuticle oil? That stuff is dreamy.

Tools for the trade

 Bare brows - post waxing

 Selfie with Benefit expert, Marcus (who recently moved to the Bay Area!)

Products that made my brows look ah-mazing

 The final results (and some good uplighting) - what do you think?

Bye, Ulta Beauty in SF. I'll see you again real soon.

*This post was in collaboration for the grand opening of Ulta Beauty in SF. All opinions and photos are my own. Thanks for reading!

July 30, 2015

Sentimental Summer

Lately, I have been a big ball of emotions. Blame it on the post pregnancy hormones, sleep deprivation or reading too much stuff online that creates many internal dialogs. Whatever the reason, I'm sharing my thoughts on how I'm choosing to cherish my sentimental summer.
  1. Be present.
    This is my most challenging task. I'm often the one grabbing the camera to film or snap a photo. I want to "remember" the moment through a photo or video. Ironically, I end up missing the point of being in the moment. Recently, Baby B started socially smiling. The first time it happened, I became obsessed with making sure my camera was nearby. Like his father, Baby B didn't want to be in front of the camera. He would sense the camera, and perhaps my obsession, and stop being the adorable, smiley baby. When I reminded myself to just let things be, I appreciated all the smiles that came soon after. Maybe I don't have the "perfect" photo to share/post, but my heart is full and my memories remain.
  2. Cease comparing.
    Why do we do this to ourselves? Whether I'm on Instagram, Snapchat or other form of social media, I fall victim to the comparison game. It's horrible isn't it? This isn't the first time I've made mention of this wretched game, but somehow the game always creeps back. Now, with a baby, I end up comparing milestones. My thoughts generally go like this: "why isn't my baby doing that?...shoudn't Baby B be doing that by now? come this isn't happening for my family?" As my husband always says, everyone and every baby is different. So why am I should-ing all over myself?
  3. Be myself.
    I'm my worst critic. While I'm the first to remind my friends how wonderful they are, I'm somehow cruel when it comes to myself. I can list a whole bunch of reasons of why I think I'm terrible at something, but I stumble over words to describe myself in a positive light. With motherhood especially, I can be especially harsh with myself. Since I have no previous experience to compare myself to, I automatically assume that if something doesn't happen as I read it to be for others online then the reason it's not happening is because of me. That needs to stop. This coincides with my #2 above and how I should stop should-ing all over myself.
  4. Unplug.
    With so many people plugged into the online world, somehow unplugging seems revolutionary. Stepping away from the computer, my phone, the TV and tablets is wonderfully refreshing. There was a time when so much of this technology was not available and all of those people survived.
  5. Go with the flow.
    Although I don't care to admit this, I am definitely a person who likes a routine and knowing what will happen next. I used to think of myself as a carefree type but as I've gotten older, I realize I stress over the lack of control I may have over situations I'll encounter. There are certain occasions where this doesn't apply (hello, vacations and weekends with no plans), but when it comes to big decisions and life moments, I could be considered Type A. Yet again, having a baby means I can't rely on knowing what will happen next. Because there is no such thing. Things can change instantly and whatever I thought should be, won't be. Learning to go with the flow means I can enjoy the process more and stress less. I can appreciate surprises and the joy of discovering unexpected results. 
With this thought in mind, how are you all choosing to cherish your sentimental summer?

July 29, 2015

Wednesday Whim - Un Dixieme Printemps

Although I've never been to France I have always envisioned it to be a romantic and ethereal destination. Naturally, when I came across this recent installation set inside the courtyard of the Hotel de Griffy I felt it was my France romanticism come to reality.

As a result of the Lively Architecture Festival in Montpellier, France, hundreds of pink and white balloons hang above and below on the grass for an engaging urban art installation called "Un Dixieme Printemps." The courtyard at the Hotel de Griffy is transformed into a whimsical whirlpool of delight. 

The design team (consisting of Margaux Rodot, Michael Martin and Benoit Tastet) drew inspiration from a traditional Japanese custom called ohanami where people admire the beauty of cherry blossoms. The intent of this installation allows viewers to engage with the idea of petals dropping in the wind and allow them "to meditate on the inviolability of passing time, on the delicate balance of life but especially on its perpetual renewal" that comes with the changing of the seasons.


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