November 30, 2016

Holiday Season + Freshly Picked Giveaway!

And just like that, we're in the midst of the holidays! I hope you enjoyed your long Thanksgiving weekend. 

Thankfully, Thanksgiving was a success for us and for the second year in a row, we stayed local to San Francisco! All of that means the only driving we did was to see family and friends and that we enjoyed the quietness of the city.

Another highlight for us was visiting the Christmas tree lot. It's becoming a tradition for us to get our tree the day after Christmas and decorate the tree while we drink cider, hot chocolate and eat freshly baked cookies. 

Of course, compared to last year when little B was just a baby and just discovering the world around him, it was so much more fun to see him more interactive and curious. He is fascinated more than ever by the feel of the tree (still prickly to him) and the ornaments that hang ever so delicately on the branches. I'm curious myself to find out what happens when presents start showing up underneath the tree! 

As a first-time parent, I'm always appreciative of how much growth I see in little B. Even more so is seeing him grow physically. Although he's always been a little guy, when I see him growing fast, I am grateful that I can see it happen before my eyes. There's nothing like the value of having a happy and healthy child. 

This growth is a huge reason why I love companies and products like Freshly Picked. As most mamas know, these leather moccasins are a huge hit. They are easy for tots to walk in, easy to put on and take off, and best of all - they allow room for feet to grow. In fact, most parents choose soft sole shoes for those same reasons.

You may have caught my post on Instagram about the Cyber Monday sale, but there's more! As part of a fun collaboration with Freshly Picked, I'm giving one of my lucky readers a free pair of moccasins! See more details below for details to enter. Enter for you or enter for someone you know with a baby! I can guarantee these moccs are going to be a hit for the family. Good luck!!


To enter the Freshly Picked Giveaway, please:
  1. Visit my Instagram page, follow AND like this photo
  2. Follow Freshly Picked on Instagram too

Some extra details:
  • Followers will be verified in order to win the giveaway
  • Selected winner must not have won any Freshly Picked giveaway within the last 60 days
  • US residents only at this time, please!
  • Giveaway ends DECEMBER 3, 201

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  1. Aww, your little guy is getting so big! I have a niece who is 20 months and it's been such a joy watching her learn and grow :)


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