September 8, 2016


 Suede Jacket: similar, T-shirt: Target, Skirt: H&M (similar), Sneakers: Converse, Sunglasses: Karen Walker

You guys, I'm a slacker (for lack of a better term).

I had dreams for this blog of mine. (Naturally.)

But, as life would have it I focused my attention elsewhere - despite my desire to post. I became "one of those" bloggers. You know the kind. The sporadic, apologetic, blogger who means well, but ends up falling off the radar.

Well, I won't say that I am going to "get back at it" since my life is at a transition point. I'm actually getting into another "new normal." I'm becoming a "working mom" rather than an exclusive "stay at home mom." Big news for my little world. 

I am going to figure out what all of this means. Yea, pretty cliché, but that's where I'm at nowadays.

Conveniently, my post coincides with the change from summer to fall. I realize we aren't officially in the fall season, but most of us can agree that once Labor Day passes we are in fall, right? My friend helped me feel better about my transition when she reminded me how all of life's changes are like seasons. We just transition from one season to another.

So, I have fears. I have doubts. But, I have excitement, too.

In the meantime, here's a fun, flirty, but simple look. Thanks to Stephanie Marilee Tucker for these shots from (what feels like) long ago days. But, the vibe is spot on with this post.


  1. Love the skirt and fabulous suede jacket! NO apologies, we all have our own schedules to deal with!
    You look fabulous, and I love the sneakers!
    xx, Elle

  2. Life is always changing and we will fail if we must cling steadily to the past. Good luck with your new ventures!

  3. Cute photos! I'm the same with my blog! I'm always on and off. Life gets too busy especially when blogging isn't a full time job!

    The Cassie Paige
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  4. What a great shot of the geese coming in!

    It is good to see you again for a bit and know that you are managing with your new life. The only constant in life is change, so learning to embrace it is important. Easier said that done though I know : )


  5. These photos are so so pretty and I'm dying over your outfit! So lovely! That coat is a wonderful color! I hope you'll keep posting since I've always loved your blog and your outfits! :)

  6. Love your style of outfit and that smile of yours! Pretty :)


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