January 13, 2011

Neutrals Meet Colors

The color camel has made its come-back into the world of fashion.  Runways were filled with this classic color ranging from trenches, skirts, trousers, knits, etc.  Stylish women welcomed the color for the fall and wore the color proudly.  Now, we will soon be faced with spring.  While many will opt to tuck away the color in favor of their spring staples, I want to hold on to the neutral color (as I’m a big fan of integrating items from seasonal wardrobes). 

The mix of bold colors will make for an appropriate spring outfit.  The four tops I found are light in material and contemporary in cut.  I especially adore the first orange top for its Peter Pan-like quality with the collar and sleeve.  I can’t wait to mix and match for spring.  With the varying temperatures and weather patterns, a number of outfits will be born. 

1.  Asos Cropped Blouse, $51.72 

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