January 12, 2011

Wednesday Whim - Five Treats for the Office

My "one day, I'll get it" desk.  Image via Furniture Store Blog
Organizing an office is not as easy as I imagined.  Finding stylish items to go in it is even more of a challenge.  I'm still on a hunt for things to fill the space and maintain function, but these fives items help fill the void in the meantime and definitely satisfy my Wednesday Whim!

Image via Etsy seller - paperdollwoodshop, $38
"M is for Magazine."  This unassuming magazine holder is perfect for the desk.  Sleek and practical, it holds the stack of current magazines I want to keep close, but not yet ready to recycle or archive in the master bookshelf.  

Image via Delight, $38.50
"Paper Pot."  Having tissues nearby is a must in any room, but having tissues in the original box is a style sin!  When I discovered the "paper pot," I knew I finally found THE tissue "box."  It's unobtrusive and undetectable at first glance but serves the purpose of dispensing tissue as needed. 

Image via Pylones, $12
"Mousetrap."  Sure this holder is not the most sophisticated and not the most sleek, but can you resist the mouse with it's huge ears?  I don't need a real mouse in the house, but this one can stay on the desk.

Image via See Jane Work, $6.50

"I'm a Paper Paper Clip."  These paper clips are made from 100% sustainable wood pulp.  Who knew I needed this?  They will help fill up the "Mousetrap" I didn't know I needed either.

Image via Sanrio, $34.95
"My Melody."  No, I am not one of THOSE girls (not that there is anything wrong with that!).  But, I sure do like memories of my childhood.  One of my favorite Sanrio characters was My Melody and I still have a pair of scissors I owned when I was in elementary school.  Being grown up doesn't allow for too many Sanrio accessories, but I feel I can justify a USB drive.  

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