September 25, 2014


all images my own via Instagram and my iPhone - (above: fresh mochi from Japantown!)

You may recall my words about stepping up my fitness game but, I am no stranger when it comes to eating food. I still enjoy a good meal and even a cheat meal but, I make wiser choices on the daily. It's all about balance, of course. 

My phone has definitely become a part of my dining experience. While I don't want to be that person who slows down the dining experience, I do manage to sneak in a photo before the meal is consumed. Even my husband admits that a photo has come in handy when we repeat restaurants and can't be specific about what we ate (insert photo history here). 

Based on these photos, I don't think my food photo habits are going to die anytime soon.

 Ramen life from a favorite neighborhood spot

Wild boar scissor cut (fresh) noodles and woke seared beef with argulua from M.Y. China

Namu Gaji (handmade noodle with chicken broth and Korean barley tea

Coffee n clothes 

Last of the seasonal fruit

 Wedding reception noms
Marla Bakery fresh baked bread!

Cassava brunch - duck leg confit with summer peach, quinoa and poached egg

Marla Bakery - coffee and bagel

Super Duper Burgers - cheeseburger and fries on National Cheeseburger Day

AT&T Park (SF Giants) - garlic fries

Troya SF - pita bread, falafel, chicken kabab


  1. OMG .. note to self .. don't look at food on blogs before lunch .. lol.


  2. wow the food is just too good ,,, why the temptation girl !! lol


  3. What beautiful dishes you have eaten and captured friend...the stuff that makes life good!!! Have a great weekend! Nicole

  4. OMG... yummy! I love food too. :) Those fresh mochi look amazing and so does the duck confit! Ah, I want it all! #fattystatus

    xo - Sheila

  5. everything looks so yummy. Those garlic fries are making me hungry!

  6. All looks so good! I am headed up to San Fran for the Nike 1/2 marathon. Any suggestions of places I should go? I will be staying at Union Square with no car.


  7. Wow! This is so beautiful and it really makes me hungry! Great post. :)
    x, Kat of <a href=">Nested Thoughts</a>

  8. Okay this is totally making me hungry!! It all looks amazing, especially the second pic :) You eat a good variety of foods—I am the same way. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I'm now so hungry! Everything looks amazing!


  10. All of that looks delish!


  11. Mmm, so many fresh, yummy options! You're making me hungry, girl ;) Have a great weekend, Nancy! xo


  12. Oh my gosh, we are drooling so hard right now. We've never had fresh mochi but looks like we'll have too, it looks so much fluffier than store bought.

    xx 365hangers

  13. N o, never let that food habit die! It's one of the marvelous things about life - good food makes for a good life ;) Hahaha, enjoy it! As long as you keep it balanced out with your fitness routine and what not. I'm still working on getting that balance right...

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  14. all the food looks amazing! love the way you eat! ;)

  15. I'm speechless ha ha... Seems so good! x

  16. oh my gosh you're torturing me over here! looks so good!


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