May 20, 2014

How Original

Camo jacket: Zara (old), Jeans: Forever 21, Sneakers: Ross (℅), Accessories: Karen Walker sunglassesAsos beanie, Thrifted Coach Willis

There are definitely days where I wonder if something I'm wearing is "photo worthy." Seeing that this blog is about my personal style, I have the authority to say yes or no to whatever is posted. It's an ownership that we are all granted the day we decide to own a blog. But, if you think about it in that way, isn't it pretty cool to be able to decide what you want and don't want to post? It's pretty much on par to my dream of being a writer

While this specific outfit is nothing to shout on the rooftop about, it is a look I would certainly wear again and definitely showcases some of my personal style choices.


  1. Very cool! I love the bag!


  2. That hat is so cool! I love this outfit!
    lexi @

  3. AnonymousMay 20, 2014

    Hey doll, I know what you mean about outfits being "worthy" for the blog. I battle with that too, but you're right it's a blog and your own special place to express yourself. Love your outft. Such a cool look. I love how you wore a bright beenie.

    Stay Styled,


  4. Love that fluo cap!
    Kisses from Sydney!

  5. In love with that pop of neon color with your beanie! Love the way you styled this around that military jacket...and those shoes - I want! Such great finds from Ross!

  6. Loving the neon beanie and the bracelets! Looking great, as always :)


  7. Girl, I adore your style. I think most of all that you wear is blog-worthy!

  8. You may think this is just a regular outfit but there's something about it that makes it so effortlessly cool. From the neon beanie to the cuffed jeans - so awesome!


  9. i love how you accessorize. i'm a big bag, hat, jewlery and shoe lady so they are one of the first things i see!

  10. Great cargo jacket. Looks good!

  11. I like your camo jacket. I wore one very much like it today actually, though mine is more of a top. The point you made about the control we have to post whatever we'd like was a good one. I don't think most bloggers think that way.


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