May 19, 2014


 Dress as skirt: Thrifted, Sweater: H&M, Leopard sneakers: H&M, Accessories: Karen Walker sunglasses, Forever 21 necklace, H&M belt, Thrifted Coach Willis

I had quite an indulgent food-fest kind of weekend (found guilty by IG). I didn't even capture all the food I actually consumed! Luckily, a slouchy-fit sweater and forgiving dress (seen as skirt here) gave me some breathing room. Perhaps, I wasn't so lucky since I continued to eat without feeling like I should stop? I did enjoy myself though. We only live once, right?


  1. How beautiful! That necklace is amazing and I love the lipstick :)


  2. I love the necklace and fluffy skirt. :)

  3. Pretty! Love your skirt and necklace!

  4. So did I. I've been really good about eating healthy--trying to lose baby weight--but this weekend I lost all momentum on Sunday. I think it's going to be ok though. I love your tulle skirt and leopard sneakers!

  5. You totally have to indulge sometimes! Yumm, the food you have looks super tasty. Also loving your outfit here. Every time I see your leopard sneakers I kind of want to run to H&M and buy them. I have the slip-on versions that I love, but I totally want these lace-up ones too.

  6. Enjoy something EVERYDAY! Love that top & skirt. What a necklace! Beautiful!

  7. AnonymousMay 19, 2014

    Really lovely look! :) Cute skirt and gorgeous necklace xx

    Indie by heart

  8. One of life's great pleasures is enjoying good food as far as I'm concerned :) Loving this fun feminine look!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. Had to pin this outfit! Love the mix of slouchy casual and girly fun in this outfit!

  10. Love the dress as skirt confection , especially layered with black, and that gorgeous necklace! You don't look like you ate a thing , either, by the way!!
    Loved this post !
    XX, Elle

  11. Great way to use this dress as a skirt. I am currently eating clean for the next couple weeks to take off the weight that I have gained. I seriously have no self control when it comes to food & probably shopping too.


  12. Super cute outfit! Love it. I really like those leopard print kicks--so comfy and stylish :)

    Aloha from Hawaii,
    <3 Jenn from Cao Bella

  13. Hehe it's ok to indulge on weekends! Love this look, it's simple and girly! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  14. Love that you paired this classy look with some cute sneakers! So cute! And glad you had a good weekend!!


  15. AnonymousMay 19, 2014

    I love to indulge, but then hate myself after because then I have to work it all off. So glad I have a calorie tracker app now! haha! Love that pretty dress as a skirt and glad you had a fun weekend! <3


  16. great skirt! and yes! we only live once ;) i sometimes have that feeling where i just eat and eat and i don't feel full! gets me scared but i end up enjoying the moment :D

  17. This outfit is so cute! Love everything about it!

    xo Kylie


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