November 19, 2010

Yes, Harry Potter...

Image via Slash Film
The time has come and gone for the midnight showing of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."  I had a lot of fun continuing my tradition of attending the midnight screening of "Harry Potter" films.  While many still plan to see the film this weekend, opinions are already across the board from those I spoke to.  The length of the film was definitely a factor, but overall the film was rated highly.  As an "HP" fan for life, I have waited patiently for the final movie to be released.  Knowing the movie was split into two films was only disappointing for the mere fact that I would still have to wait for one more film; however, I thought this was a wise decision.  The final book was lengthy in itself and based on past films, fans voiced their discontent over missing details that were in the books.  So, I'd rather see the series end smartly.

Image via Refinery 29
Of course, this would not be a complete post if I didn't comment on the fashion seen in the film.  Although the series is not known for its fashion trends, I did find the looks appealing.  As many people who have read the book already know, there is a wedding in the film and the scenes shot were certainly the most glamorous of them all.  Although I'm sure controversy still lingers for the wedding dress design...Alexander McQueen versus Jany Temime.  Check out the article on Refinery 29 and judge for yourself.

Image via HD Room
Image via HD Room

I really loved the attire of the female characters in the wedding scene as well.  Seeing Hermione Granger (played by the gorgeous Emma Watson) wear red, and Luna Lovegood (played by the adorable Evanna Lynch) wear a mustard yellow really made them stand out.  It was nice to see pops of color for an otherwise dark and dramatic set.  Though the wedding scene was short-lived, it was refreshing to see some flair and whimsy in the clothing.

Image via HD Room
Image via HD Room

And of course, the go-to outfits that allowed the actors to film action scenes (running and casting spells of course) were well-assembled.  The guys wore earth-tone colors with various patterns and textures while Hermione wore fitted but comfortable sweaters, scarves and cardigans.  They all managed to look comfortably chic while battling evil.  Go figure!

For those who are planning to see the film tonight, over the weekend, or even during Thanksgiving, enjoy and don't judge until it's over.  Have fun!

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