November 18, 2010

MAXImum Exposure...

Blazer:  H&M, Shirt:  Ruehl, Tank: F21, Maxi Dress:  F21, Shoes:  H&M, Watch: Michael Kors

Suddenly, the holiday season is upon us.  I have been so caught up on trying to redecorate my newly shared pad with my fiance that I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week.  So much has changed for me in 2010 that I cannot believe that 2011 is so close and a whole new year will be upon us.  

Since time does not slow down, I am trying to maintain my budgetary plans as I try to make my holiday list, travel for the holidays, plan a wedding, and of course, refrain from impulsive shopping.  The latter is the hardest one to tackle!  

So far, so good--as I have re-created my go-to summer dress into a great transitional weather piece.  The weather has been more unpredictable now than ever (and from what I hear, La Nina has something to do with it!) so dressing has been more of a challenge.  As you can tell, I'm a layering type of girl.  My fear this time was trying to layer too many pieces.  But, I love how I was able to pin-up my maxi dress to reduce the fabric on the bottom and create a new texture against my outfit.  My t-shirt is so comfortable and provided another layer to cover the top of the maxi dress.  The key was proportion for me as I'm not the tallest person (!!).  If I wasn't too careful, the lengths in my outfit could have overwhelmed me.

I'll keep my layers in mind tonight as I watch the midnight show of HARRY POTTER!  This has been a long time coming and I'm thrilled to finally see part I.  Any one else?   

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