November 23, 2010

I Could Always Use an Idea...

Image via Refinery 29

With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, more and more questions have popped up of "what do I wear?!"  It seems that year after year, this question never changes.  Personally, my attire is dependent upon the location.  Last year, I spent it with friends and went to my first "dress-up" dinner for the holidays.  This year, I will be spending the holidays out of town, with my fiance's family and friends where comfort is key (since everyone shares in the cooking duties).  

Since I am staying at my family's house while I'm out of town, a whole different type of mentality takes over.  Not only do I have to plan my outfits ahead of time, but I have to think like myself ahead of time.  Crazy?  Well...I know that Thanksgiving tends to be a day of eating and relaxing with family and friends, so I know I won't be over dressed.  I know the next day, I may (or may not) be shopping, so I want something that can transition throughout the day and night easily.  Finally, I know I will eventually need to hop back on a plane headed home, so I will need easy clothes to travel in (especially with the new TSA body scans!).  It's good to know my mindset so the outfit reflects me.  After all, clothing is a reflection of you--I don't want to mislead anyone! ;-)

Knowing the "dress code" for Thanksgiving dinner is more casual this year, I was inspired by Refinery 29's "Dress to Hide That Food Baby" series.  The "sweat" outfit in particular caught my eye and I used it to draw inspiration from.  A comfortable pair of sweats can be turned quite chic with the right top, jacket and accessories--all of which can be found in my closet!  Who says sweats have to be frumpy?  

I'm so excited that I have found my Thanksgiving outfit and even more excited to see family, friends and eat all the delicious food.  This time of year always brings out the best in people so I will enjoy this while it lasts!

Oh...and just in case you don't have the same items seen in the photo, here are some affordable options:

Model outfit from Net-A-Porter

1.  Lounge Knit Pants, Forever 21, $9.80
2.  Ribbed Collar Leatherette Jacket, Forever 21, $37.80
3.  Restricted Combat Ankle Boots, Kohls, $100
4.  Buttoned V-Neck Top, Forever 21, $8.80
5.  ASOS Basic Short Funnel Snood, ASOS (US), $20.69

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