August 4, 2015

But First, Ulta San Francisco

As a newbie in the parenting department, I'm still figuring out time for baby, time for marriage, and time for me. When news broke that an Ulta was FINALLY opening up in SF, I couldn't wait. Can you believe there hasn't been one in SF until NOW?

Fortunately, timing worked in my favor. As a treat, I went in to check out the new digs and use the Ulta Salon services to got my eyebrows done. A day to myself filled with beauty shopping? Yay! 

And I even fit in some beauty product shopping, too. Have you guys used OPI's Avoplex cuticle oil? That stuff is dreamy.

Tools for the trade

 Bare brows - post waxing

 Selfie with Benefit expert, Marcus (who recently moved to the Bay Area!)

Products that made my brows look ah-mazing

 The final results (and some good uplighting) - what do you think?

Bye, Ulta Beauty in SF. I'll see you again real soon.

*This post was in collaboration for the grand opening of Ulta Beauty in SF. All opinions and photos are my own. Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, you changed your site ~ love the updated look !!


  2. Your brows look amazing!! I've never been to an Ulta, but it sounds like you had an amazing experience there! Lovely post!
    xo Kiki

  3. hey there!! I have been following your blog for a while now and I am really enjoyed it :D I have shared this post !! :D keep up the great would

    come say hi


  4. So pretty make-up! Love it!
    sending you much love!

  5. You look gorgeous! I'm glad that you made time for yourself!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  6. Awww so beautiful :3

    Ana ♥

  7. I'm a huge fan of the Benefit brow bar! Every benefit brow item, I love! Yours look great Nancy!

  8. Your brows look great! I love Ulta, and I wish there was one here in Canada

  9. love how your brows turned out!!! I have been so hesitant to visit their brow bar-- but I really need someone to show me how to do mine properly. You've convinced me to give it a try!

  10. What a nice treat for mommy! Your brows look fantastic Nancy!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  11. We have a ton of Ulta here in SoCal and love to shop there when there are great coupons. Love you eyebrows! I didn't know they did brow services there.


    Stop by for a chance to win up to $75 credit to Jord Watch!

    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  12. That's crazy that they didn't have an ulta in SF yet! Now that I think about it, there's no ulta in NYC either. Your brows look great!


  13. ULTA is my weakness! Well one of the many actually ;) I absolutely love exploring in there. I love that they have drugstore brands mixed in with higher end. You looked beautiful by the way!

  14. I so wish we had an Ulta here in Toronto! I love the mix of high-end and budget brands that they offer. Your brows are looking great! Glad you could find a bit of time to treat yourself :)


  15. Your brows came out awesome! I can't believe you just got an Ulta...I love the one by me :)

  16. Sexy Mama! Nancy, you look so good! Marcus did a FABULOUS job on your eyebrows. You were already pretty and that minor tweak just elevated you to the next status. I can't believe you guys are just getting an ULTA!!! So glad it opened! They have some really good stuff!

  17. Your brows look awesome! I love Benefit products so so much! I've never been to an Ulta, but I've always wanted to explore one! I should see if there's one in NYC since I love close!


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