January 6, 2015

Belly Bloom

 Long cardigan: H&M, Turtleneck: Zara, Jeans: Forever 21, Black boots: Asos, Accessories: Karen Walker sunglasses, H&M necklace, Rebecca Minkoff MAC

It feels like my belly bloomed over the last two weeks. I have no frame of reference for this surreal experience so it feels completely foreign.I often hear how women bond over their experiences on being pregnant but, unfortunately, none of my closest friends have been pregnant (at least not yet). 

But, what I lack in knowledge I have been able to happily discover on my own. I find myself immersed in blogs about pregnancy, babies and maternity style. Despite being complete strangers, I feel a kinship with these Internet authors. I'm grateful such information exists for someone like me to find. 

Of course I realize I can't learn everything this way and life will change in ways I can't even imagine once a baby is born. I'm blissfully living a life of ignorance in the meantime. I'm enjoying the ups and downs of being pregnant and learning to adapt to a new way of life. It's a change I welcome and I hope you will continue to be a part of.


  1. You do pregnancy style really well! I was 18 when I was pregnant with my first so I totally understand. None of my friends were parents yet and I was supposed to be ashamed of my pregnancy so any happiness that I had had to be covered up and hidden. It was really sad. I am very glad to help you in any way that I can. If you need anything or have questions, let me know! Your bump is so adorable!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love how the top accentuates your little belly :) That is so great that you've been able to find some fellow bloggers to relate to. I'm sure it's a lot harder when you don't have friends that truly understand what's going on with pregnancy, no matter how much they try!

  3. Ahh the bump is so cute! You look very warm and cozy- I love your cardigan. I have no frame of reference for pregnancy either, but I'm glad there are places on the internet where you can find people who know what you're going through :)

  4. Cute comfy look. Congratulations on the pregnancy! And Happy New Year.

  5. It sucks that you're the only one of your friends pregnant, but when they get pregnant you'll be able to give them all sorts of advice! You'll be the pregnancy guru! :)

  6. I love the photos against the cool brick wall. You look radiant! Good thing you are practicing going with the flow because certainly when the baby arrives, life starts changing and you just have to go along for the crazy ride :).

  7. you look so cute, i love your sweater

  8. You look great in your maternity style! I love this necklace you have on. I remember I read a ton of books and still felt so unprepared when Logan was born. We had never changed a diaper before my son and we had to learn real quick. Nothing like hands on experience :)


  9. Glad you've found a community of others who understand what you're going through! That can make such a difference for your mentality :)
    Cute outfit, I really love that necklace!

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  10. Aww, you're looking lovely! My sister is expecting as well, and I couldn't get enough of her belly over the holidays- she's really popped too! :)



  11. The most stylish pregnant gal I've seen! ;) You are looking great!

  12. You look so cute! Love this outfit. I really like how you styled this ;)

    xx Pam

  13. You looks adorable and want perfect pregnancy style. I was the same when pregnant, one day I looked down and was like "oh, hey, their you are baby bump." 😀

  14. Aww cute outfit! Love your belly bloom. :)

    xo - Sheila

  15. Yes, love, you are Blooming!!
    I am happy to bear witness and cant wait to share the journey with you, virtually anyway.
    I have two adult children, and being their mother, to this day, is my most profound joy.

    Gorgoues blue layers, Perfect mini basketball tucked in, and I love the necklace, do you mind if I ask why it is ( why it is yours, of course)..and where you unearthed such a treasure!
    I hope you are feeling well and sleeping well.
    So super happy for you!
    xx, Elle

  16. Love this outfit!!! You are totally rocking it!!!

  17. great styling!! Adorable necklace, it adds the right amount of glam to the outfit!!!



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