September 23, 2014

Farewell Summer

 Leather jacket: H&M Icons Collection, Star print shirt: H&M Kids, Printed shorts: Forever 21, Booties: Matiko via Ideel, Accessories: Aldo's sunglasses, Claire Vivier clutch

Transitions happen so quickly nowadays. People move from job to job, apartment to apartment, group to group, so much more often than before that it seems seamless. Just yesterday, we officially transitioned from summer to fall. 

While I talked about the fall season, I wasn't quite ready to let summer go. It wasn't because I had a season filled with trips or endless periods of leisure time but, the long days filled with light and the seasonal food has been too good to let go. 

The irony with SF is that we often enter Indian Summer so I may not actually be in summer but I can still feel like we're in summer mode.


  1. Totally not ready to let summer go! But then fall comes in and temps me with fuzzy sweaters and still air and crunchy leaves. Love the pattern mixing here!

  2. Love this look!! So sad that Summer is over but looking forward to Autumn. :)

    xo - Sheila

  3. It is crazy how quickly the year is flying by. I'm excited for fall and my favorite fall things (including leather jacket weather :)

  4. I love the print mix!!


  5. I think we've been having an Indian Summer here too. Although I'm sure with all the wildfires in eastern Oregon, they are wishing for rain and fall to begin!! I love the pattern mixing in this look and I always adore that leather jacket when you wear it. :) <3


  6. This pattern mixing is just he beat and so not ready for summer to be over yet. So glad it doesn't feel like it :)

    xx 365hangers

  7. cute shorts! summer never leaves us here, but i wouldn't mind some cooler weather!

  8. Your shorts are so fun! What a gorgeous print! It reminds me of a painting! Fall came so quickly -- last week it was like summer and now it's definitely fall!

  9. your title is making me sad! it's starting to rain here in Seattle and probably won't stop until next June. definitely wishing summer stuck around a little longer...

  10. Very cute outfit, I love the mix of the prints! Following your blog now! :)

    xo, Kina

  11. This look is completely dreamy. I love the shorts--that is the best print I've seen in such a long time! You look amazing. Transitional times are always difficult. In Nebraska, we're usually faced with bitter cold winds and rain one day, and highs of 90 the next. It isn't until mid-December that transitional time is over...;)

    The What's In Between

  12. Love these shorts on you. I am glad it's cooled down significantly for us in SoCal, it's been way too hot. I am always bummed about the shorter days as we approach fall.


  13. It's hard to say goodbye to summer! I really wish it would drag out a little longer...sigh.
    Anyway, love fall season's fashion though, so that makes the transition easier ;)
    Haha, fantastic leather jacket you're rocking!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  14. This ensemble is perfection. I love the pattern mix & those booties really are the perfect styling choice. Love that jacket too.

    XO, Gina

  15. I always love how you can mix prints so easily. And yes, SF weather is a mind of it's own.. i was there this past Summer and it felt like Winter ;) xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  16. What a fun look!! :) Love the combo!
    xo Erin

  17. Ah, this is so up my alley and such a great transitional look! The mix of summery prints is so much fun and the jacket is totally badass :)


  18. Cute polka dot top!

  19. I love how you mix and match patterns!


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