January 15, 2013

Can't Be Beat

Polka dot t-shirt: Gap, Camo jacket: Zara (sold out but similar), Jeans: Forever 21, Heels: Zara (sold out), Accessories: H&M faux fur collar, Gap knit beanie, Forever 21/vintage/Anthropologie rings, Foley & Corinna bag

When it comes to shopping, I definitely balance out the times I shop in person vs. online. I love the ease of shopping online (less of a hassle to check-out, no people, promotion codes, free shipping and cleanliness of items) but the experience of shopping in person can't be beat (store promotions, trying on things, feeling the texture/fabric/quality of items and instant gratification of having the items). I also have to say that the deals are sometimes better in the store! In this instance, I nabbed my t-shirt and beanie for only $5 each. Polka dots and stripes on discount? Sold!

How about you? Which method of shopping do you prefer?


  1. eeeek, I still want that jacket! I work from home and online, so I've been shopping online. It's just too easy lol. I do like to take a day every once in a while and go check out the stores. I tend to go during the week day so I'm not overwhelmed by the crowds. The places to shop in SJ aren't as great as sf...so I've been leaning on online retailers a lot lately.

  2. hey beanie buddy! I have this one too :)
    To be honest, even though there are a tonne of great shops on my doorstep I mostly prefer online shopping too...


  3. Such a cute outfit! I love the faux fur collar with the camo jacket...it's such a stylish look! I'm usually an online shopper because it's easier, but every so often it's definitely nice to check out some of the boutique stores that don't have online shopping.

  4. Much the same. I like shopping on line as I can shop anytime, but sometimes want to see clothing in person. Plus, sometimes the store shopping vibe is fun :-)


  5. I absolutely looove the polka dot top, perfect with the camo jacket and fur stole. This is such a great look!
    I like a bit of both, sometimes online shopping is awesome and then other times you get the item and it is illfitting/looks different than the photo. But a balance of both is great

  6. I love seeing you style that fur stole! And I was just thinking about something like this, this morning.. On why I've been shopping online more lately instead of actually going out to the stores (which has it's perks as well) but I think I like the convenience and ease of online shopping more, and the only real downside is when an item isn't like what you have imagined and you have to go return it haha.

    The Weekend Diary

  7. Love this look! Especially the jacket!

    I think I prefer online shopping. It's just easier, but I hate the waiting part of online shopping! I want my items right away!


  8. I love anything polka dot! You can definitely dress this top up or down!


  9. I love love lvoe your gold dot shirt! SO pretty! And that Foley + Corinna bag - I have the clutch version and it's so versatile, love the bag

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  10. Fur! Camo! My absolute Winter favorites of this season! You look fantastic.

    I love the ability to search for specific items and compare prices while online shopping...but you can't beat the tangibleness of touching fabric and trying on clothes in person.


  11. I used to never shop online however now I've bought 8 times with varying results. I find that dresses are easier to buy than say shoes.

    I like you in this style of hat.


  12. loving that top (obviously). I like both - but for shopping online I try and do the fast pace fashion stores (like F21) because I can NEVER stand how crowded and messy the stores get! Other stores I love going in person - like you said, it can't be beat!

    Lady à la Mode

  13. looove that polka dot shirt!! i do enjoy browsing and shopping online when i'm busy, but i love spending a saturday just poking around and trying things on at my favorite stores. :)

  14. gold polka dots and fur, amaze.


  15. That t shirt and that jacket were made for each other...such a cute and casual look, and I love how you threw on some black pumps with it!

    The Other Side of Gray

  16. I love that polka dot tee! I personally love to shop in person the most. I only shop online if it's a store that I definitely know the fit and have free returns.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. what a fantastic look! love the fur over the camo coat! and the gold polka dots are so adorable!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  18. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
    Love the fur collar!


  19. Your dotted shirt is cute.
    And the fur collar *w*


  20. When it comes to stores I shop in regularly and know my sizing, I don't mind shopping online. But I personally would rather shop in store so I can get a feel for how the item will really look and sometimes you find things that are sold out online! :)

    That shirt is so cute! I wish I saw it at Gap! I also mentioned you on my blog today. :)


  21. I'm loving the gold polka dots in this outfit and Zara always has the best heels! I usually prefer to shop in person but I'll shop online if there are incredible deals (or if they don't have a brick and mortar store, like ASOS).


  22. I've been dying for a fur collar and can't fine an inexpensive one anywhere! Love it paired with the camo jacket!

  23. Ah that's a tough one. I like both types of shopping for the exact same reasons you listed. I think I prefer shopping in person better though, just because it means I know for sure the item fits perfectly and I get to leave the store with it that instant haha.
    Love the new beanie, what a score!

    Trendy Teal

  24. I love this shirt! And the way you paired it it perfect. xx. McKenna Lou

  25. I LOVEEEE the top and your hat! You are super pretty too! I love the ease of shopping online but I hate not knowing what it looks like on or in person...since I always dread doing returns lol


  26. super cute outfits! really like the gold polka dots :)

  27. I used to only shop in store, mainly because I'm impatient and usually want to wear it right away lol But I have been doing some online shopping and it is less of a hassle. I LOVE the mix of prints and texture you have in this outfit!!

  28. A fur scarf is at the top of my to find list! Love yours.


  29. I'm definitely more likely to buy something in an actual store than online. I tend to think more about what I'm buying before I click the sales button. That's an awesome coat and fur scarf. I love sale finds.

  30. I love your metallic dots! I personally prefer to shop online - I love to overthink my purchases and doing it online from home definitely works with that!

  31. Such a cute beanie!


  32. cute outfit! i also prefer to shop in person. i just like to try things on and see them on me before i buy them. you found some great deals! i'm a new follower!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  33. i'm definitely an online girl! i know my size, free shipping and great discounts. i do agree with you about finding amazing discounts in stores. you won't find those $5 finds online. hahaha love your jacket nancy.

  34. Casual chic! Love your cozy fur collar!


  35. I have that shirt too :) i love it with the camo jacket!


  36. That is the cutest top and what a great deal you got on it!

  37. love the way you added a fur collar to your jacket! recently i've been shopping online more often but sometimes it's more reliable to shop in stores haha i adore your style, nancy! if you enjoy my blog too, would you like to follow each other? xo jess

  38. Chic and edgy with a touch of glam from your polka dot top! Really great look Nancy:)!

  39. I'm the same - i like both..depends on my mood. I tend to have more self control online.

  40. Love that shirt! Great deal!

    xx amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  41. $5? I need a GAP here ASAP! :D Love that shirt and the way you styled it :) the faux fur is very coveted here too! x

  42. I have that t-shirt! It has quickly become one of my favorites :-)

  43. I love everything about this look. I have the same faux fur collar, I might have to bring it out again.

  44. Nancy, I love everything about this! Wish i bought that Zara jacket when i had the chance. As always, you pair everything so well! -xo.melody

  45. both forms of shopping do have their pros and cons - and it seems like you really do need to do both (yes, need, haha)

    Love your polka dot top, so pretty!
    Chic on the Cheap

  46. I need to get some camo in my wardrobe. Super cute outfit! And love the Zara heels! ;)

    xo - Sheila

  47. The fur with camo is so cute and how can you not love gold polka dots. You look great!
    Method Clothe

  48. The top is so cute, I love anything with polka dots.I prefer shopping in person because I like the experience and like to see the item in front of me but I love window shopping online lol


  49. You look so cute!! Love the dotted top =)


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