September 5, 2012

Wednesday Whim - 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

 all images via The High Definite via Shawn Clover Part I and II
(above: California Street)

I'm late to the jump as these images were originally published on October 1, 2010, but thanks to a friend who spotted this website, I discovered a new (to me) historical composition of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. San Francisco-based photographer, Shawn Clover, was inspired to create these mash-ups of past and present after reading San Francisco is Burning. He used photos taken from the 1906 quake and modern photos he took and accurately lined them up to create a "then/now" take of San Francisco. 

It's an interesting visual to look at and it's quite amazing to compare how things looked then to what exists now. I'm a history buff and love the concept of these photos. They are so unique compared to anything else I've seen and the photos certainly force the viewer to consider past and present all at once.

What are your impressions?

 Heart Building on Market Street
 Alamo Square and the Painted Ladies
 Ferry Building
 Lafayette Park
Fairmont Hotel
Franklin and Hyde Street


  1. Wow, what a great concept! I love when old meets new, and these blew me away.

  2. These are soo cool! At first, I thought the first photo was something you had done through photoshop. These are very interesting! Thanks for sharing. :) <3


  3. These pictures are so different! Very interesting, great post my dear! :)

    Take care, Daniella xox

  4. Oh wow, I absolutely love this!!

  5. wow, these are so cool! The 5th photo is my street, I actually used to live in that building on the corner (now just live a couple buildings over.
    Crazy to see the before and now.

  6. SO AMAZING. i have never seen anything quite like this. thanks so much for sharing!! :)

  7. whoa. mind blown. thanks for sharing these amazing photos.

    cake & valley

  8. wow, that is so neat! thanks for sharing!

  9. Those are just so cool! I've never seen them before, so thank you for sharing!

    xo Jenny

  10. Now this is what I call's powerful and so thought-provoking. That's crazy to see the past and present lined up together.

    Trendy Teal

  11. You ALWAYS find the most amazing photography and art...I love these pictures. Being a history geek, I think they're really meaningful and cool...but they are also just plain creative. Thanks for sharing.

    <3 Cambria

  12. Hello dear! Thanks for your visit and kind comment on my blog! How about following each other?
    BTW these pictures are extremely original!!

  13. These photos are gorgeous. I had a friend who did something similar for her thesis at college!



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