March 14, 2012

Wednesday Whim - Novel Idea

all images via Novel Poster (above Lady Gaga)

I came across this article on California Home & Design and became so enamored over the poster concept from SF-based artist Matt Grinberg and business man Alex Yancher (NovelPoster). They turn literary classics and tweets from celebrity Twitter accounts into poster art. If you look closely, the poster literally has the entire story of the novel printed (or all the tweets posted by the celebrity). Talk about fine print (har-har!

What do you think? You can buy your own poster at their site for $40 (USD). Matt's and Alex's interview on the details of the poster and how certain novels/witter accounts are chosen is definitely worth a read as well (such as finding out the text size is no smaller than the ingredients list on food labels)!

Katy Perry
The Great Gatsby
Pride & Prejudice (one of my favorites!)
Wizard of Oz


  1. what a great idea! I'm off to check their website. I'd love to learn more about the twitter posters, they sound like fun!

  2. How very cool!

    Minted Magazine

  3. these are absolutely fantastic!! the GAGA one is my fave. tres chic. thanks for sharing!


  4. Creative. Love the art concept. Thanks for sharing.
    Also loving the outfit in your previous post.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am now a new follower. Hope you visit again soon.

  5. i choose pride and prejudice!!same as like you...beyond gorgeous...

  6. Beautiful pictures! <3

  7. Nancy I love how creative these are! Must have the Pride and Prejudice one as I'm obsessed with the book and the movie(s) (the 100 versions of that book) x


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