March 12, 2012

"Someone Else's Life"

images via Purple Fashion Magazine - photographer: Nathaniel Goldberg

I really enjoyed seeing this photo shoot ("Someone Else's Life") by photographer, Nathaniel Goldberg, in Purple Fashion Magazine (Spring/Summer 2012, #17). I'm in awe of how whimsical the shoot is and how stylish the fashion is. I also adore the fact that this was shot at the exhibit for Carsten Höller: Experience at The New Museum, New York. It helps tell the story for the clothes and the model wearing them. What do you think?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I'm not the most active person in the world to begin with but my husband and I made no plans and managed to catch up on all the episodes of Top Chef season 9, ran just a few errands and really stayed indoors for the majority of it. It was probably the most fun we had doing nothing. What did you do?


  1. What a gorgeous shoot!

  2. such a cool concept and shoot... love the accents of color!


  3. Cool pictures! Very different and artistic.


  4. Oh my goodness Top Chef is like my guilty pleasure so am supremely giddy reading about that part. I agree, this shoot is rather fantastic. Its surrealism at its most seurreal (ie great combination of 'real' and abstract elements) Very lovely ^_^


  5. this is so amazing, i love it.

  6. this editorial is so interesting and kinda trippy!!


  7. wow, this editorial shoot is amazing! definitely a fantasy world!

  8. omgosh LOVE LOVE this editorial!!! amazing i love the carousel picture!


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