September 7, 2011

Wednesday Whim - Tiny Little Things

all images via Odd Stuff Magazine via Dalton Ghetti

September just started, but there's already so much going on!  Not only does today mark the official launch of Zara online shopping for the US, but tomorrow is also FNO, and in another week, Missoni for Target launches {September 13}.  On a personal note, I'll also have my own bridal shower to look forward to towards the end of the month.  Gosh, before you know it, October will be here and then the holidays will be in full swing!

Meanwhile, I'm certainly satisfied perusing the internet for new discoveries and was happily entertained when I fell upon this old article about carpenter turned artist, Dalton Ghetti.  Can you imagine the level of patience he must have to carve tiny sculptures on a pencil point?  

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