September 8, 2011


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My dear friend and I recently exchanged emails with each other and in these exchanges I described how I felt like I was floating - not quite having a full grasp of everything that is happening around me.  While this can mean a flurry of things, I translated this feeling to my fascination with balloons - how whimsical and delicate they are, but if things get too windy they can blow away.

While I would love to release some of this energy into shopping {hehe}, instead I created a virtual shopping bag of stuff.  When I was child, I used to go through my mother's catalogs and imagine what I would buy if I had an infinite budget.  Lame?  Maybe - but it sure made my imagination go wild.  Nowadays, the internet and Polyvore help me channel the same intent.

smooth & rough

Givenchy evening ball gown, $6,165
Studded jacket, $2,500
Giuseppe Zanotti stiletto heels, $1,095
Edie Parker clutch handbag, $1,195
Rhinestone necklace, $36
Gloss Gorgeous, $10

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  1. Gorgeous! Love your own version of the look!




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