August 17, 2011

Wednesday Whim - Book Worm

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Like many other fashionistas, I look forward to new {or re-mixed} looks for the fall.  But, I also keep my eye out for new books to add to my collection.  While technology has soared to new levels on the reading front {e.g. the iPad, the Nook, the Kindle, etc}, I still enjoy having a hardcover book in my hands and turning the pages.  

As some of you may have already heard, the release of a new book, "Coco Chanel:  An Intimate Life," has people buzzing over claims of her drug use and alleged bisexuality.  Chanel's life has always been one of fascination, but the author of the book sounds like she drew on non-glamorous aspects of the designer's life that hasn't been touched on before.  In other words - more gossip!  This book will officially be available on November 10 of this year!

Since I rely on the internet to keep up with new book releases, I'm also pleased to hear about the launch of BookLamp, which helps match a reader to books he/she may like.  While I have yet to officially navigate everything on the site, the idea is so intriguing.  

Do you have anything you are really looking forward to for fall?

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