August 16, 2011

Food Ideas

image via Eating Well Living Thin
image via Our Best Bites
My whirlwind of a life has left me hankering for new recipes to incorporate into my life.  This includes healthier recipes.  For me, healthy doesn't mean restricting or cutting out "everything bad" in the food chain - but digesting things in moderation.  Cutting out things I desire {but don't need in my diet} doesn't seem to help as I always end up craving and eating more than I should later.  

This week, I want to attempt making these quinoa burgers.  While the "burger" part may be lacking, I imagine them to be more croquette-like.  Quinoa {pronounced "qin-wah"} may not seem like much, but it's very delicious and can be melded with a lot of flavors.  

And while I'm not the best at dessert, these pie pops seem too sweet to pass up.  The recipe appears simple enough and less time consuming than traditional pies.  This will work great in limiting intake as well, since having one pie pop will satisfy the sweet tooth and be smaller in proportion.

What do you think of these recipes?  Care to try?  


  1. Love food and love this post. Those pie pops, I think I want to try those. Not only do I love little bits but the heart is so cute for parties!

  2. I think i'd try pie pops...they look really yummy!


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