August 11, 2011

Wedding Bells

all images via Vogue via Mario Testino
Those who know me know that I'm anxiously anticipating my own wedding nuptials.  It's amazing how overwhelming planning can be.  Even though my fiance and I are going for the lowest-key possible for our wedding {i.e. nothing ostentatious}, it's still a wedding.  Even the word "wedding" is associated to certain images {the dress, reception, registries, gifts, invitations, parties....}  I mean...c'mon...there are now magazines prepping ladies for the day their men ask them the question {seriously...the magazine is called "Engagement 101"}

Regardless of how people plan their wedding, the tradition of getting married is a beautiful one.  Case in point, the wedding of the fabulous Kate Moss.  As Vogue released some amazing images, I couldn't help but admire what I saw.  

Today was oddly a wedding-news-type-of-day.  Not only did I read about such a silly magazine {repeat..the Engagement 101 mag}, but apparently Vera Wang's camp has confirmed rings by the beloved designer will be available in October this year and on a personal note, my wedding dress has been shipped {yay!!}

Happy days...

love the detail...

oh wedding prep....

the most adorable attire for the children in the wedding party...dying over the military jacket!

love the idea of the red jacket...

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