April 4, 2011

Lazy Days Are Here Again

Blazer, vest, pants: H&M, Brogues: Boutique 9, Jewelry, Gifted, DIY, Watch: Burberry

Keeping up with the pace of my life has become such a chore.  As a kid, I used to think "what's so hard about being an adult?"  Now, I think completely the opposite of that!

Admittedly, I have become a bit lazy doing certain things so I'm hoping my own goal of changing that will stay with me--at least until I get past the wedding planning.  Working out?  Organizing?  Updating?  Seriously, no wonder some girls start planning their wedding as a kid! ;-)

When I get lazy, I like to reach for items that are make me look put together.  It just so happens, I reached for everything that was in the color black.  Surprise, surprise.

I'm in a color rut.  Another goal to add to my growing list:  get back to color.

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