March 2, 2011

Wednesday Whim - Artful Crayons and Me

Image via Pete Goldlust

Do you remember how important crayons were as a child?  Especially the new box set?  When I came across this photo of Carved Crayons I couldn't help but smile.  The memory of childhood seeped in and I amused myself of all the wonders and imagination that I so easily obtained (compared to now).  Somewhere along the journey of life, life became more complex and the follies of youth faded.  

In order to maintain some youthful essence, I like to spend some leisurely time here.   In a fast-paced world and lapses in judgement, it's nice to be reminded of what creative minds can create.

And if there is one thing from my childhood to adulthood that has never wavered, it is my adoration for shopping.  So in honor of that, I dedicate this "one-shop shopping" to items that make me reminisce about my childhood.

Marc Jacobs dress via Shop Bop and Wall clock via MOMA

Marc Jacobs top via Shop Bop and Necklace via MOMA

Marc Jacobs top via Shop Bop and Wall poster via MOMA

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  1. So cute! LOVE your blog! I subscribed, and I can't wait to read more of your posts!

    Check mine out if you get a chance :)


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