March 29, 2011

The "Go To"

Cardigan: BR, Top, skinnies, shoes: H&M, Belt: J.Crew, Jewelry: Gifted and F21, Watch: Burberry

You may remember I have a fascination with black & white (here).  While my closet has its share of colored and patterned selections, there are many days where I appreciate the tried and true.  Perhaps it's my mother's influence or the "artsy" side of me but the black & white color palette really appeals to me.  

But...I don't really need to justify my color choices, do I?  The best thing about fashion is the ability to choose one's own style.  And that is something that makes me feel like I fit in.  

Do you ever have your "go to" colors or styles?




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  1. Black & White are my go-to colors too. So classic and chic!


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