February 14, 2011


Photo taken by Unni Photography

In the summer, my photographer friend offered to take portraits of my fiancé  and me.  He is so talented that I jumped at his offer!  Although he is not a traditional wedding or engagement photographer (he is a documentary photographer) he captured us just as I wanted:  in the moment and candid.  

I bring all this up not to flaunt my relationship, and not only because today is Valentine's Day, but because it's nice to remember the simple moments that cause us to smile.  On a day where many people cringe at the thought of such a cliché and hyped-up day, I find it refreshing to come up with reasons for why we're happy, instead of why we're not.  My top ten reasons to be happy (in random order):
  1. When I put on a pair of jeans in the morning and discover forgotten money in my pockets--even if it's just $1
  2. When I don't feel well and my fiancé makes me a nice cup of tea without prompting
  3. Seeing someone display acts of kindness (I recently saw a gentleman help load groceries for an elderly woman in the store parking lot)
  4. Seeing a child laugh at nothing particularly special
  5. Grabbing the last bottles of shampoo and conditioner during a sale at the store
  6. Discovering I did know the answer to a question after all
  7. Hearing my favorite song play in the car as I drive
  8. Drinking a cup of Chai
  9. Capturing a "perfect moment" with my camera
  10. Watching a sunset

What are your favorite moments?

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