February 15, 2011

London and Italy - Game Changers

I don't get to travel much, so when videos pop up like this I like to live vicariously through them.  When it comes to the blogging world, Susie Bubble is a true inspiration.  Somehow she stays above the main stream and is able to offer a refreshing and welcoming take on a world that can often be intimidating.  She's based in London and she leads the swarm of ladies who want to be just like her--a fashionista who blogs.  

Jenna Lyons has given J. Crew street cred. when it was formerly known for its preppy, country club allure.  J. Crew's recent documentary led Ms. Lyons from the US to Italy, on a quest to make some darn good shoes for the company.  

Two ladies, one fashion world.  They have changed the playing field and in my humble opinion, changed it for the better.

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