January 10, 2011

"Le Ballon Rouge"

Image via DVD Talk
Films make a lasting impression on everyone, for good and for bad.  I first saw "Le Ballon Rouge" (better known to some of us as "The Red Balloon") when I was a child.  It's such a classic film and even without words, this film says a lot.  

Although not known to be a fashion film, I was recently inspired by the color of the red balloon.  I don't own a lot of red clothing in my closet, but I sure would like to incorporate more of the color in.  Yes, red is a bold hue but I can see the items below being staples for the rest of the winter and going into spring.  

2. See by Chloe Blouse at Net-a-Porter, $420
3. Topshop Shorts, $70 
4. Gap City Flats, $32.99**
5. Lancome Color Design in Red Stiletto, $22

**Note:  I own the Gap City Flats, and they are so incredibly comfortable that I am tempted to purchase other colors in addition to the two I already own!

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