January 4, 2011

Independent Woman

Image via Powers of Persuasion
Being a woman in a modern country in modern times has become as normal as combing our hair.  I know that I have often taken for granted the rights that so many women before me have fought hard to achieve.  I don't want to sound ungrateful by saying so, but it's true.  However, let me clarify by saying that I AM grateful for the rights and privileges I have. 

That is why I am so ecstatic about finding a tool set designed by Cynthia Rowley for Genuine Article.  I am a huge fan of having tools handy around the house to do minor fix-ups.  Actually, I highly recommend a woman invest in a power drill (or hint at being gifted one!).  This will not only empower you to do-it-yourself, but you can also save time by not waiting for someone else to do what you can!

Of course, these tools are not conventional and they are not for the rugged.  But, can you just imagine at having these pretty tools around?  It makes fixing up those dings or hanging up that photo that much more pleasant!

Available from Cynthia Rowley
Sure, every now and then women enjoy being pampered.  I admit that I like having my fiance open my door for me (even though I'm completely capable of doing that myself).   I like cooking and serving a nice meal for the both of us (even though he sits in the office or watches a  football game on the television).  But, I know many women who love their independence and love the ability to do things for themselves all the same.  These pretty tools are just the icing on the cake.

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