January 3, 2011

Back on Track

Calendar via Paper Source

When a New Year comes, resolutions generally follow.  The idea behind resolutions is to make changes in attempt to better yourself.  After the well wishes for the New Year are said, the next question that comes is, "What are your resolutions this year?"

Oh, the dreaded question.  Not to become a "rebel without a cause," but I generally dislike giving myself resolutions since I feel that a person doesn't need the coming of a New Year to "better" oneself.  Why not make resolutions whenever you see fit?  Regardless, I do like the idea of creating goals to accomplish within the year or what I call getting "back on track!"  

Without further ado, I'd like to do the following:

Image via NY Post
Finish decorating my home.  I have been on/off with what I'd like to do with the interior of my home.  For various reasons, I never finished.  Hopefully, a whole year of establishing my space will give me enough time.  The photo above is a snap shot of Olivia Palermo's home (as it was in 2008).  No matter your opinion on Olivia Palermo, she has great style.  I adore her NY apartment for it's classy and homey feel.  

Image via Yoga in Air
Make less excuses (because making no excuses would be a lie).  I had so much happen in 2010, that time got away from me and I made excuses as to why I did not have the energy/time to devote to something.  This happens to practically everyone I'm sure--and every year a New Year comes, we all tell ourselves "THIS year will be different."  But, I truly hope this will happen.  In no particular order, I hope to make more time for my health, my family/friends, and for my creativity.

Image via Etsy
Stay on top of my personal and professional affairs.  To reiterate what I said above, it's been easy to let things slide when the task isn't staring at you straight-on.  The idea of this wall calendar makes those tasks more difficult to ignore!  I like that.

Image via Refinery 29 - Meredith Kahn
Enjoy more time in the kitchen.  I have actually come to adore cooking and baking at home.  2010 was filled with trying out recipes and realizing how much better things tasted if I actually put effort and love into what I did.  

There you have it in a nutshell.  By no means are these goals revolutionary or unique.  Depending on how you read this, you may just be saying, "you just stated your resolutions!"  Yes, I suppose I did.  

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