December 17, 2010

Change is Good...

Scarf:  Target, Shirt: H&M, Jacket: Local Boutique, Leggings:  Target, Shoes: Chucks (AKA: Converse)

I have always held a shy disposition.  When I was in elementary school, I would get a ride from my neighbor with her daughter (who was several years older than me), and I was so painfully shy that I couldn't even utter the words "thank you" to them.  I used to feel so terrible about being so rude that I promised myself I would try to "grow out of it."

Through the years, I have grown stronger in voicing my own opinions--though it has been a challenge!  I've blogged on and off for years but only recently started to use the online community to express my creative side.  For the past six months the online community has inspired and encourage myself to start putting myself "out there." As 2010 is coming to a close, I am so grateful that I have finally allowed myself to do what I have always wanted.  Whatever happens on this adventure, I will be happy that I can look back at this time without regret.  

I hope many of you are able to find that inspiration, too.  Happy Friday!


  1. I've always been active on the internet but since joining the beauty community I've definitely felt a different sort of inspiration. I am, for the first time, seriously considering a youtube channel. I'm really self conscious but every day I watch people the more inspired I get. I'm glad you got there and I'm excited to see what is to come for both you and me in the new year!

  2. I love this post and I have to agree Change definitely is good. I've become more active on the online community just over this past year. The more I open up the more supportive everyone is. I think it's great that you've come out of your shell.

    Melissa of SuperGlamNews


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