October 11, 2010

The Story Goes...

Dress:  Anthropologie, Cardi/Belt:  DIY, Socks, J. Crew, Necklace:  Vintage, Watch:  Burberry
I had such a busy weekend that I'm looking forward to the next weekend already!  I went down to LA to see family, friends and attend a wedding.  Every time I go to Southern California I always pack simply and light-weight.  Since the weather is typically warmer, I lean towards clothing that layer and travels easily.  I've traveled back and forth since college so deciding what to pack should be a snap...but not so much for a girl who would rather bring more than not enough.

While my outfit was a bit school-girl inspired, I like that I can quickly change out the socks, take off the cardi and be ready for a date with the love of my life.  This motivated my weekend packing and will be my inspiration for the rest of the work week.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!  The Blue Angels were in San Francisco, the SF Giants played to win, and the weather was fantastic.  What more could one ask for...

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  1. love that dress.great color.adore the look of the socks with those shoes.i could see wearing this outfit with some little white bobby socks in warmer weather


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