October 12, 2010

On to the Next One...

Blazer:  H&M, Shirt:  Ruehl, Dress:  F21, Tights: F21, Watch: Burberry, Pin: Vintage & J.Crew, Bracelet:  Gifted by Mom, Shoes: Boutique 9

I was meeting people I don't normally see and thought I could be a bit more playful with my attire.  As it wasn't too hot or too cold out, I thought I could put my layering skills to work!

I haven't yet "shunned" my summer clothing to the rear of the closet.  I'm still loving the light-weight fabrics and the bold colors that have stayed loyal with me throughout the warmer days.  But, we all know that the cooler fall days doesn't always jive with our personal penchants for weather.  I pulled one of the easiest dresses from my summer days and used it as my base.  

I layered beneath and I layered above and I came up with what you see above.  I love the peek of color at the top of the V-neck and the lovely "poof" at the bottom created by the shirt.  I stayed close to the dark color palette with the gray and the black (allowing me to play-up the fact that fall is here despite wearing a summer dress) but added dimension with the texture of my tights.  I added some pins to my blazer just to jazz up the look.  I'm more than a bit of an accessory girl so I can't leave my home without adding something to my outfits.  "Less is more" doesn't sit well with me when it comes to accessories/jewelry.

I love how I can come up with an infinite number of outfits by utilizing my summer wardrobe.  Makes saving a little easier...

Fashion isn't only about staying "on top" by buying more.  Fashion's life comes from reinventing what has been done--even if that means borrowing from your own closet.

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