February 1, 2016


Here we go...the second month of the new year. 

I know...I roll my eyes at myself over how much I lament on the passing of time, but somehow I never get over the fact that time moves ever so quickly. I feel like all I do is stay sane enough to "keep up." Do you ever feel like that?

I got quiet on the blogging front when the family came down with the case of the cold. One by one, we were all taken out. The last of us to catch it was baby B. As a new mom, this was my first time dealing with an ill baby. And it wasn't even bad! A slight cough. Runny nose. Cranky attitude. Overall, it was nothing compared to how I hear it could be. BUT, the caveat was that I was also sick. And...welllll...that's a whole new ball game. The days of just lying in bed, watching Netflix and sleeping whenever I want are simply memories now. Like the commercial says, "moms don't take sick days." Now, I have to hatch a new battle plan for sick days. 

All this "down time" in the house left me pondering on many thoughts. On the blog. On my views on parenting. On my life as a whole. Even though I'm more than halfway through baby B's first year of life, I'm only just getting the mother title down. It took all of my energy to roll out of the house, throw on this blanket scarf and feel put together...let alone look it. I trust that I'll get to a balancing act that will work for me. Hopefully sooner than later. But, until then please bare with me.

Looking at some blogging moms, I feel like they're heroes. They seem to "do it all." 
{some of my faves: Oh Joy, Love Taza, The Daybook, A Cup of Jo}
Oh yes, I realize the moments posted are moments filtered. But, it's still admirable.

And the moms who I know personally who care for more than one baby, who work and take care of their babies and those who have to do it on their own...well they're my superheroes.

Simply put, you all rock. If I'm half of what I see in all of you then I'm on the right track.


  1. I've dealt with a LOT of sick babies and kids--having four of them. Currently, my baby and my 10 year old have Influenza A. It's the worst. It is so heart wrenching watching them suffer and not being able to immediately fix them. :-(

  2. Love the way you've styled this scarf!

  3. Love that scarf! You look stunning!


  4. You rock too, Nancy! You should know that as well. You are balancing it all and sharing such a graceful, honest, and admirable approach to it all. I think you look very put together. Had you not decided to share, I never would have known the cold plague had hit your house.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. love that double sided scarf! looks amazing!


  6. I (somehow!) managed to not get sick during the past couple months-- which is a miracle! Everyone in my immediate team at work fell ill and I was super lucky not to get it! (fingers crossed winter passes and i'm not gonna get sick) You look awesposs-- love that scarf most definitely!

  7. I love this look! I have this scarf and love how it looks on you.

    Xo Chelsea http://www.shesaidhesaidfashion.com

  8. U look amazing, I loveeee ur bag! Thank you for sharing this with us darling. Visit me www.its-dominica.blogspot.co.uk whenever you can. Kisses, Dominica S. xXx

  9. This year does seem to by flying by already. Sorry to hear you were all under the weather but glad to hear your family is better now.

  10. Good for you for managing to get out and get in a photo session! When my sister had her second baby she told me it was hard to even get in a shower once/week!

    Loving the scarf. It really makes the outfit.


  11. You look GREAT! And nothing like the common cold to take everyone down, but you all got through it :-) Hope your February is awesome <3


  12. I can't even imagine how you muster up the strength to power through the cold to take care of the baby...but I guess being a mom gives you super human strength!

    It really is crazy how quickly time flies (and I say that all of the time too)...but how is it February?!

    Loving the cozy scarf!
    Something About That

  13. Great outfit! The scarf is gorgeous!!! :)


  14. I'm convinced that all moms are superheroes! Having a cold and having to care for a bay with a cold? i'm sure that's not fun! You go girl!

  15. You rock too, Nancy! I am a biggest fan of mommy blogs, and of course I do love taza and The Daybook, but you are one of a kind too. share more things about motherhood. I do love to read it!
    x, Ivana | www.ivananatashas.com

  16. Love this outfit. All of it.
    And your thought on the passage of time? I do a monthly recap on the blog, and it always takes on such a somber tone. It's a time for me to reflect on how time moves too damn quickly for all the things I have to and want to do.
    I'm not a mom yet-- don't know if I'll ever be. But I can only imagine how incredibly trying and rewarding it can be. You look fabulous while doing it. Good for you!

    a long lost follower,

  17. Being a mom and working full time is not easy. I wished it gets easier but just different sent of challenges. I am always amazed a parents that work full time and have several kids and is able to attend all the functions. Love this winter look!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  18. Obsessed with your scarf and this sporty chic outfit!


  19. I am loving this outfit. It is so chic! And your purse and Nikes are gorgeous. Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my blog! :)

    -Blaze Ann

  20. Great outfit! i love the scarf !


  21. You look gorgeous!! Love the bag

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  22. Simple but SO effective. What a gorgeous outfit for a day in the city. Plaid scarves are the BEST! Great look <3

    Kristy x


  23. More power to you supermom - it wont be easy but it will be so rewarding! Have a great week!


  24. Great look.
    I'm lovin the chunky scarf on this simple outfit.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  25. Aw Nancy, you are a wonderful mom! I can already tell :)
    Seriously, moms are superheroes to me for sure.
    Love this blanket scarf and overall look! Definitely looking put together and lovely as usual! ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  26. Love this scarf! Such an easy, yet impactful way to spice up an outfit when you're short on time. You look great- and hope you and the family are over all of your colds now! xo



  27. such a cute scarf! I never know how to make a blanket scarf look that chic.. I end up looking like I am actually wearing a blanket lol

  28. Nancy, I'm sorry to hear you and your family were ill. Not surprising with this changing weather. I hope you guys feel better soon. Just do and be YOU! Don't compare. You're awesome and don't forget it. Love your outfit. That blanket scarf is everything :D

  29. You look great... so cool, modern, and comfy! Like you, I'm totally impressed with blogging moms with little kids at home! Congrats on being a mom for a year already!


    Hugs! Love, Mary

  30. That scarf is so FIERCE! Love how casually you've styled it!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  31. You look great... so cool, modern, and comfy! Like you!
    Fashion Empire Wedding Dresses


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