February 2, 2015

Weekend L.O.V.E.

For a winter season, we're not having much of a winter. This weekend, the sun was out and the temperatures were warm. Despite working a bit, I still had a wonderful one. 

The husband and I met with a new, friendly couple and it almost felt like a blind date. We didn't know them intimately so we all had to get to know each other. I'm not always the most chatty of persons but it was incredibly easy to chat with them. We actually had a lot in common, which totally helped. Even my husband complimented me on how I handled myself. (Why, thank you, husband!) When you feel at ease with the people and yourself, the conversation really handles itself doesn't it?

We also kept things low key for the Super Bowl on Sunday. Honestly, I didn't care about either team (I'm not bitter about the 49ers or anything...) but, it was a good game! I also had my fair share of junk food. Chili cheese fries and buffalo chicken bites were my damage. By the time the night was done, I barely had enough energy to get through this lip sync battle. Oh, Jimmy, you always get me.


  1. Love the sneakers addition to that look!


  2. That's great! I am really shy around new people too but it is always good to get to know new friends and the food sounds delish! You look so comfy and chic here!

  3. I loved Jimmy Fallon's after show! It was hilarious! I can't believe he called out Drew Barrymore. It was awesome. I honestly don't watch much football, but I do have favorite teams, the 49ers being one, and now the Seahawks after moving to the PNW. The vibe just gets to you I guess. Anyway, that last play was heartbreaking. I don't think anyone watching it could believe it happened. It was a pretty evenly matched game though, nonetheless. I just hate it when those Pats win. It's like the Yankees. Damn cheaters. LOL!! <3


  4. I love that you're rocking some old school shell tops and that tee is so cute too!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. I wish we were having a warm winter, but in NY it's been anything but! A ton of snow just hit today! That t-shirt is really cute!

  6. I adore the camo jacket, it's such a cool piece against the grey and black! How cute are you with the baby bump! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  7. nancy,
    I love that tee, so adorable and apropos! And that jacket is fabulous, love the details and the color. I am envious of that lovely weather you are having. Love the sensible and cute sneakers, too.
    feel well.
    I am glad you made new couple friends, that can be awkward, but this seems like a good fit.
    I am sure you were outgoing and gracious, anyone would want to be your friend.
    xx, elle

  8. ahhh!!! this outfit is too cute! i used to have those adidas from back then too...makes me wanna own a pair again! :)

    rhea @ rheaetcetera.com

  9. You are too cute! I'm not usually very talkative either, so it's nice when you meet people who make the conversation flow easily.

    I did catch that lip sync battle and it was pretty good. Loved the songs that Will performed. Have you seen Emma Stone's? Hers is one of the best.

    $25 gift card to shop the mint on my blog!

  10. I am in a sales job so you would assume I am would be super outgoing and talkative. I am friendly but reserved with my friendliness and try to read other people before letting the real me shine. One thing I do not enjoy is small talk and when you meet new people that's how it all starts. I love your outfit here - you have perfected weekend chic!


  11. cute, I love your top

  12. I have the same jacket! I love the shape and style but the arms are a bit snug, therefore I rarely use it :( Great to see it on you!

  13. Looking great, girl! Love how you paired the skirt with the casual jacket and shoes- great combo :)



  14. you're looking great :) and i love meeting people when the conversation just flows naturally. and i must be the only person who didn't watch the super bowl! ;)

  15. You had a great weekend! It's nice connecting with people.


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