December 15, 2014


above: Neiman Marcus Rotunda - annual lunch during the holidays

This time of year is always filled with fun activities. I love how festive things look, how happy people get (generally) and even traditions that I often took for granted as a kid. 

This weekend was certainly packed for us but, it was all worth it.

Can you believe Christmas is already NEXT WEEK?!

This house went all out with decorations

Brunching with gal pals before 2014 is over

Macarons are always photogenic

Dinner with friends at Florio

Game Night - have you ever played Cards Against Humanity?

Merry traditions! @ War Memorial Opera House for the SF Ballet performance of The Nutcracker

Abundance of ballet dancer ornaments 

Nutcracker dolls galore

Cute holiday nook @ Lavish 


  1. I can't believe Christmas is next week - seriously. I love this roundup of holiday goodness. xx Annette

  2. Love the inspired photos, well chosen!!
    You look so pretty in front of the tree, and a beautiful couple you are!
    Thanks you telling em about those cards, i will get them for my son, he has a great sense
    or irony and what does one buy for an a brainiac son who loves ethics and philosophy and SNARK!
    thanks for sharing!
    xx, Elle

  3. Such gorgeous pictures!! I love the decorations on that house :)


  4. Great photos the ballerina Christmas tree.


  5. I am loving all of these photos. That house is also beautifully decorated. I just love the holidays. Nice post

  6. I played Cards Against Humanity for the first time last week and it's hilarious!!!!! Great game to play with friends.

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  7. this post made me smile! what a beautiful picture of you and your husband. i love that photo of you two. the ballerina's on the tree are absolutely gorgeous. Love the rotunda at Neiman Marcus. Great post.

  8. I love Christmas so this post made me so happy! And Cards Against Humanity is my favorite game -- did you sign up for their Christmas advent program? They send personalized cards with your name on them in the mail as well as Christmas-themed cards to play with. But the most important thing they do is one of the advent days they donate $250,000 to programs around America. It's such a great thing they've come up with!

  9. love this time of year and how festive and jolly everything is!


Thanks for your comment!


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