November 19, 2014

Wednesday Whim - Matilda Residence

all images via Home Adore via photographer Kelly Bucksey

I've been more and more inspired by interior spaces lately and this one immediately attracted my eye. This home, located in Perth, Australia, was formerly an old brick and metal roofed home from 1903. The design concept was to restore the charm and character of the existing residence and still incorporate modern elements. Designed by JUO Studio, they achieved the balance between old and new with material selection and interior design choices.

I utterly appreciate the ability to balance old and new architecture into a space that still feels livable.


  1. Omgsh, some people...can I just live in that house forever? *_*

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Very modern and sleek! Gorgeous!

  3. Wow, everything about this place is so beautiful! I would move in in a heartbeat! <3 This shower is to die for! <3

  4. Love this simple, but eclectic styling. The exposed brick is lovely, and I love the white open space, The black feature wall is a great focal point , with that wonderful and large painting, saving that room from being too formulaic.
    Love the calming white bedroom!
    Well done!
    xx, Elle


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