September 10, 2014

Wednesday Whim - Aerial Views Adria

 all images via Bernhard Lang via Faith is Torment

Perhaps I'm not yet ready to leave summer behind because I'm inspired by the aerial shots by Germany-based photographer, Bernhard Lang. These images make me long for an extended vacation. Much like my past post of an Aerial Summertime these photos showcase beach life from above (along the Adriatic coast in Italy at seaside resorts). The difference here is that these photographs exhibit more shapes/forms, pattern and symmetry throughout the series. Simply put, these are amazing.

For more, check out Behance or Bernhard Lang's site.


  1. Wow, these beach layouts are so neat on symmetrical, so unlike American beaches where everything is juts all over the place!

  2. Holy cow, look at all those umbrellas!
    Haha, great perspective

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. omg these pictures are amazing! i love how everything is so lined up perfectly! so different than the beaches i've been to!

  4. The umbrella shots are so cool!


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