September 5, 2014

Simple with Pops

 all clothing and shoes c/o Ross

My lifestyle, as with my personal style, is simple with pops (of excitement or of color). I don't like to do or wear things that are too fussy. Throwing on a t-shirt and skirt with booties and camo print is perfect for a casual day out.

I wore this to brunch with friends to catch up over
life. Isn't it funny that when we're kids, all we do is hang out with our friends to talk about stuff? Then,we become working adults and now we have to plan when we can meet with friends to talk about stuff. This is especially funny to me since I "swore" I would not become one of "those adults" who did that. 

In other news, this is my second collaborative look with Ross for their #RossFallFaves promotion (my first outfit here)! Check out Facebook to vote for the second look when it goes live and enter to win $150 gift card. As always, your support is incredibly appreciated!

Thanks to Ross for including me in this campaign. I received a gift card for this post but all comments and opinions are my own.


  1. Ahh sometimes being an adult is the pits--but I guess it makes time with our friends even that much more special :) LOVE this simple but chic look!!


  2. In love with that camo jacket! It is funny how things need to be planned out as adults. Even worse after you have kids. OMG, it gets crazy. LOL. Hope you have a fun weekend! <3


  3. Aw, I'm absolutely loving how you paired this girly look with the army print! :)
    xo TJ

  4. Great finds from Ross! I wished I had more time to hang out with my friends, with kids our schedules are always so busy and it takes months of planning to find a time for just some girl time. Great casual outfit!


  5. i agree with the above - after kids it takes months and months of planning to get together! love this look.

  6. I just love this look a lot!

    Would you like to follow each other ?


    Emily from PTT

  7. Very pretty, Nancy! Love the camo paired with the skirt :)


  8. This outfit is so perfect!! Love how the military jacket gives it a fun twist.

    xx 365hangers

  9. Simple, yet makes a statement Nancy. I'm becoming the same way.

  10. Always in love with how you layer up Nancy.....and a camo jacket is always a good way to start transitioning to cooler climes!!!


  11. This post is truly inspiring!! thanks for sharing this sweetie!!

    New style post now posted sweetie! ♥

  12. I love your jacket; I just love your outfit in general! That's too funny! Since we're older, we have to plan our brunches and sometimes, it doesn't always work out because we're TOO busy. Oh to be young again!

  13. Oooh, love this collaboration with Ross! That camo jacket is perfect for fall, as are your booties <3
    And oh no...I'm already turning into that person...I have to ask my friend for her schedule and we pencil in times we can meet in our joke.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  14. Such a great end of summer look! I love having the option to tie a jacket around my waste if I get too hot. The end of summer definitely calls for layers in case of unexpected chilliness! Haha I know—it's been increasingly hard to get together with friends as I grow older—especially when everyone is moving all over. So I'm especially thankful for those intimate moments we do get to spend together! This past weekend was luckily filled with a few of those moments :) xo

  15. Your post reminded me of my childhood! We used to spend all day playing using our imaginations and talking about stuff. It was great. And you're right! Now we have to make plans to do that. Sigh. I wonder what my hurry was to grow up so fast. :)


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