June 11, 2014

Wednesday Whim - GREAT Festival of Creativity

 all images via Paul Cocksedge (photographer: Mark Cocksedge) via Design Boom

I was first introduced to London designer, Paul Cocksedge's, work when I wrote about this cool design. Recently, he "colorized" Istanbul's waterfront vista during the GREAT Festival of Creativity, which is a festival that celebrates creativity in business (and how that plays a role in global business growth). The festival explores the diverse world of fashion, design, technology, food & drink and education and offers a unique chance for industry people to create dialog with each other. The inaugural festival happened in May and the next festivals will take place in Hong Kong (November, 2014) and Shanghai (March, 2015).

For this art installation, Paul Cocksedge used translucent circles in the national flag colors of Britain and Turkey, which referenced the historical connections, and represented the unity, between the two. The varying colors eventually dissolve and fade as they meet in the middle and create a new tone made from the different colors. The effect of this installation is not only visually stunning but certainly inspires viewers to look at their surroundings differently.


  1. Look like bubbles on the sky!!

  2. This is amazing! Wish we had experienced that!


  3. The symbolism of this installation is so cool and it looks really incredible! I'd love to view it in person!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Cool photos!


  5. Wow! I love the circles of color. So cool.

  6. Wow that is so cool!! I love this! At first I thought it was some kind of filter on the picture.


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  7. it's beautiful. the first pic i thought it was some kind of new filter that was used on the photograph. :)

  8. This makes me think of bubble gum 0_o
    Haha so cute!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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