April 16, 2014

Wednesday Whim - The Essentials

 all images via Essentials via Creative Bloq (above bag: Anja Verdugo/photographer)

Do you remember the early days of Youtube vloggers and the "what's in my bag" posts? Those were (and still are!) some of my favorite type of videos. Call me nosy but, I find it fascinating what people carry around as part of the essentials. So when I came across this site (thanks to this other site) where 100 creative types (bloggers, editors, designers, artists, etc.) had their essential bag contents photographed, I was immediately immersed in intrigue. You can sum up what kind of person someone is by what they carry. The contents are photographed in that ever-so-effortless-but-very-constructed-composition way. 

The real goal of the site was to showcase Daniel Eckler's Kickstarter to build "A Better Backpack" (developed by MIJLO). The site helped achieve the fundraising goal to construct a pack that will "last a lifetime."  The concept derives from the the fact that the runway-to-rack process is happening faster and faster, which feeds a temporary and disposable consumerism cycle. MIJLO doesn't feel that fashion needs to be disposable in that way and owning something classic, like this backpack, will help change the cycle. 

Christine / blogger (Fash N Chips)

 Fabrizio Querida, Designer

Jiani Lu, Designer 

 Leta Sobierajski, Designer

 Thibault Zimmermann, Art Director

Clockwise from left: Markus Uran, Founder, Daniel Brokstad, Designer, Justin Broadbent, Artist 

L-R: Susana Simonpietri, Creative Director, Victoria Ling, Photographer 

Ellen Van Der Laan, Creative Director / Katie Hagar, Editor 

L-R: Yah-Leng Yu, Founder, Kerry O'Coy, Co-Founder


  1. Interesting, but I can't believe people have mugs in their backpacks, and not even the portable kind! Ha, this post makes my purse's contents seem so boring!

  2. Interesting post. I like the way the contents are presented and of course the colourful one is from the Art Director as you might expect!

  3. I love these compositions! It's amazing how different each one can be from one another. It really encompasses a persona. I am inspired to do my own now! Thanks for sharing :) xo

  4. these flatlays are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing- I'm inspired :D

  5. I've actually done 2 what's in my bag posts on the Muse. Still love them! These pictures are great. I just don't know how people fit so much into their backpacks. I'd have total back pain for sure. :)

  6. Oooh what a cool project to do! I do find it fascinating to see what people carry around :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. These are so cool, I always enjoy these types of photos, must take forever to set them up so perfectly

  8. man these are some awesome flat lays haha. people are so good at styling their things!


  9. This is such an awesome creative post! Love it!

  10. love these flat lays, they look awesome

  11. so so neat! i've been seeing some bloggers do it lately and i've been itching to do one too for every type of bag i carry out with me - the tote, the crossbody, the hobo, etc. :)

  12. It's always interesting to see what people carry. I love the way they put these together.

  13. That is really cool! I love those 'what's in my bag' post. I might have to do one soon for the blog! :)

    xo - Sheila


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