February 25, 2014

Happy Project

Lately, I've been experiencing several bumps in the road that feels like my glass is half empty. It's funny how everything happens around the same time. I know it takes time and patience to get through difficulties and challenges but, I sure cannot wait until I get there. I'm getting the feeling that misery may love company but, nobody likes a Negative Nancy...literally!

To that end, I'm putting myself on a trajectory towards better and happier things. People say that if you think positively, then things always look and feel better since you're seeing the good in everything. My first step towards this is to start literally with this "Happy Project" t-shirt from Uniqlo. It's an oldie but such a goodie. It already put a smile on my face and that's a big deal!

How are things for you lately?


  1. Absolutely adore this outfit! You look gorgeous. I know what you mean about getting into a rut, I've definitely been in and out of one lately myself, gotta try to keep a positive attitude though, right? Never heard of the happy project tshirt but it looks awesome!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  2. love your accessories...super cute outfit!

    XOXO, K.Lee

  3. I love your printed pants! I really like them tucked into ankle boots. I've never thought of tucking pants into ankle boots!

  4. Hope that things look up soon! I know how hard it is to wait for things to get better, but I've experienced that they always do--even if it takes a while to get used to the changes that time brings. I love the skull tee and printed trousers!

  5. You're not alone! I've been stressing out a lot more lately on things in life. Trying to get over these little challenges and bumps in the road. I'm staying positive. :)

    BTW - Love that Uniqlo tee! I wish we had a Uniqlo here but I guess that means I'll have to fly to San Fran. hahaha.. ;)

    xo - Sheila

  6. It's such a pretty bag!
    Absolutely in love <3

    A fashion & DIY blog...

  7. Cute outfit and that bag! It's amazeballs

  8. i've definitely been "there", but keep your chin up! i recently started running (training for a marathon) and the workouts really give me a nice boost...i feel good and can see subtle changes in my body, and that puts a smile on my face! love the tee!!

  9. I totally agree—you can totally will yourself to be happy by thinking positively! Hard to do sometimes, but super important! Glad you're looking at the bright side of things :) That tee is absolutely adorable! Lovely styling :)

  10. I love the tee and the handbag.

    My husband is coming home from being overseas for 40 days …so that is good. ; )

    I always figure as long as I've got my health everything else will fall into place.


  11. Hello, gorgeous, you look very pretty in this outfit, and the key to you looking chic is in details, and I mean accessories, absolutely fab. Always stay positive and be strong, don't let anything or anybody bring your down! Love <3
    Zhanna, www.stylehenge.com

  12. A cute t-shirt look and a good reminder for myself to be more positive.

  13. I can relate! I've been experiencing some negative things too lately, but mostly due to my negative mind. It's so important to stay positive! I hope we can do it together :)

  14. Nancy, this outfit is awesome! It made me smile. Love it from head to toe girl. I love blue & black together and the sparkle is such a pretty touch. 2014 has been a headache for me so far. I don't what is going on. LOL Nothing bad. Just everything is so hard & difficult. I'll pray for you and you pray for me girl. HAHAHAHA Hang in there.

  15. You always have such great outfits that I wished I could pull off. I hope you will get through this bumpy road and off to the happy road. It will get better - hang in there :)


  16. It's definitely no fun to be a negative nancy, I try to be aware of when I'm getting too negative and check my attitude. Love this shirt and the message behind it! Also those pants rock

  17. Love how you paired the graphic t-shirt with the polka dot pants! This is such a cute look on you.


  18. i love the shirt and any movement that is all about spreading happiness :) i didn't know there was literally a term "negative nancy"!

  19. Great look! I'm in love with those pants. And from your words I gather that you are just as beautiful as a person inside as you are outside. We all have those moments where we want to wallow in self pity but I think your outlook here is important. When you think positively, positive things have no choice but to happen :)

  20. I hate when things start to grow wrong at once! I hope it all works out for you. :) I love those trousers and that purse is so cute! <3


  21. We all get into slumps, it's only natural. But it's always good to remember the positives in life! You look great, love the tee.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. What a great look! Love you printed pants, they look amazing on you! :)


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