December 11, 2013

Wednesday Whim - Notice Forest

 all images via Yuken Teruya via Pippy Houldsworth via My Amp Goes to 11

I don't often buy directly from designer brand stores but when I do, I tend to keep the shopping bag my purchase comes in. I don't do this only with designer bags but from other retailers too. My husband thinks it's funny but I just can't help myself.

When I came across this art collection by Japanese artist, Yuken Teruya, I was immediately fascinated at the idea of transforming bags into art in his series Notice Forest. For most people (unlike myself) these shopping bags become trash. Instead of throwing the bags away, Yuken Teruya cuts trees into the bags that are intricate, delicate and insanely beautiful. On the Pippy Houldsworth site, Megan Ratner states that Yuken Teruya uses photos of trees (
from his travels or from his home base in New York City) that he transfers to a computer to superimpose on the logo side of the shopping bag. He then carefully cuts out the silhouette and folds/twists the silhouette into the interior of the bag (gluing down the trunk of the tree with a single drop of glue). On the artist's website, he describes that while the bag seems to maintain the structure and integrity of the delicate cut tree, it is actually the tree holding the bag up. 

While this series is a commentary on consumerism and its impact on the environment, one can't help but appreciate the work of art these bags provide. Yuken Teruya truly sees beauty in the mundane. For more on the series, check out Yuken Teruya's site (where he also transforms toilet paper rolls, money and newspapers) or Pippy Houldsworth's site.


  1. I keep bags and boxes with fanciful notions of framing them or using them as pretty storage. It never happens. :P

  2. This is reeeeally cool. Only slightly related, but I tend to keep junk mail catalogues to use for collage fodder.

  3. This is so beautiful! What a delicate work of art!

  4. That's so cool! Another blogger is doing the same thing. I think I'm going to start collecting bags and displaying them on a closet shelf or something.

  5. So beautiful and so unique.


  6. First I was like, I don't get it. They're just bags. And then I saw the little trees inside. So fun!

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  7. This has to be one of the most unique projects I've seen in a long time! It's amazing that the tree is holding the bag up.

  8. How special is this?! I'm flabbergasted by the beauty. I save my designer shopping bags as well (not that I have a lot of them)!

  9. Oh my word, I swear, I get so many Design project ideas from your Wednesday Whim posts! I absolutely love this one, I think its so cool how he made art out of bags!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. this is pretty amazing. brilliant!

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  11. Wow, and here I was thinking I was the only one that kept shopping bags! You never know when they'll come in handy, and sometimes they're just too pretty to throw away. This is a really intriguing series by the way, thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow, that's so neat. I have a hard time throwing away nice store bags. I think it's so sad that someone took the time to design it, just to have them end up in the trash!

  13. Wow—how cool!! Such intricate detailing. What a great way to keep those high quality, beautiful shopping bags :)


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