September 11, 2013

Wednesday Whim - The Garden Collection

 all photos via Emily Blincoe (first spotted via IG)

Have you ever noticed how organized items seem so much more attractive to the eye? When you look at photographs of offices and homes the most appealing ones are the spaces that are neat and orderly. In my ever increasing obsession with Instagram, I came across Emily Blincoe and loved her perfectly pulled together point of view. 

In her series called, The Garden Collection, she uses an orderly technique to produce floral arrangements by hue. Although most floral bouquets are naturally beautiful, Emily Blicoe manages to create an even more amazing portrait of floral arrangements. It's not easy arranging various types of flowers in such a symmetrical and beautiful fashion. As a viewer, you can take a deeper appreciation of the different shapes of each flower on the surface. 

You can see more of her work on her Tumblr, subscribe to her IG account AND even purchase her prints on Etsy! Not that I'm obsessed or anything...


  1. These are so beautiful! Love the idea

  2. Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous! My OCD in me loves the color organization of all these flowers/plants! Gorgeous - I can't stop looking at them!
    Oh, and I can't believe you're as big of an Alias and Scandal fan as me! I love it! We are so right on! LOL!
    Have such a great Wednesday, Nancy! xo

  3. I loved your article and the imagery is really inspiring. I am a huge flower fan and enjoyed your post a lot.

    Hugs from

  4. Oh my gosh. These photos are so pretty! I love them :)

  5. These are simply beautiful. I love this

  6. Oh man the obsessive compulsive organizer within me is obsessed with these. SO good.

  7. this is so different, I love the concept!

  8. I love how he lined up all these lovely flowers into order!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. These are seriously pretty! i love when i see pictures on insta so beautifully organized! I'm following you right now!

  10. OMG love that you posted this... a few weeks ago I stumbled across them and fell in love! they are soooo cool!

    Lady à la Mode

  11. i like how they're grouped.

  12. So obsessed!

    Xo, Hannah


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