June 19, 2013

Wednesday Whim - Origami Accents

 all images via Mademoiselle Maurice via This Is Colossal

The art of origami is one that fascinates me. It all started after reading Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. I used to spend my time folding up paper because I gravitated to the creation of something from "nothing" and the pretty paper, of course. When I came across French artist, Mademoiselle Maurice's work I was instantly enamored because of this. I had no idea she created such creative and unique outdoor art. She devotes herself to street art as she equates it to an open air museum.

In her most recent urban creation for the 2013 ARTAQ Festival in Angers, France, there are 30,000 folded papers (or folds) for the colorful installation. She enlisted the help of hundreds of nearby citizens and school children to complete the piece
at Montée St-Maurice by May 31. The result is really awe inducing. The colorful steps leading to the doorways capture your attention and makes you see everything in the environment in a different perspective.

Check out more of Mademoiselle Maurice's work here and even a cute (unrelated) "Smile" installation she did in March, 2013 that I couldn't resist posting below.


  1. Oh my goodness that is so cool! I'd love to see it in person!


  2. These little accents are so cute! :D

    Trendy Teal

  3. This is so pretty. Love the message.

    Have a great day!
    A Southern Drawl

  4. These are amazing! I love the color and the thought of paper outdoors!

    xx Kait

    ChickadeeSays Bloglovin

  5. These are so amzing!
    I would love to see it in person

  6. That's so beautiful and a really cool art idea!

    Daria from www.cinnamon-star.blogspot.com

  7. I remember that book! I am always so impressed by what can be done with paper cranes. They are truly beautiful and so stunning. I learned how to make them this year and I made a jar of paper cranes for our apartment.

  8. oh my gosh this is beyond fantastic, i'm just crazy for all the color!
    Xo Courtney || ColorMeCourtney.com


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