October 29, 2012

A Pause As I Celebrate...

all images via SFGate article (photographer above: Luanne Dietz)

I realize this is not my typical post and I'm sure more than most of you will be uninterested in this post, but I had to pause from my usual routine to celebrate the SF GIANTS WINNING THE WORLD SERIES. WOO!!!

As a faithful fan, I'm in an absolute euphoric state. I grew up watching the SF Giants and witnessing WIll the Thrill do his thing for the team. I was totally a J.T. Snow and Jeff Kent groupie. And now, we get the wonderful world of Buster Posey, Matt Cain, Panda (Pablo Sandoval), Tim Lincecum and so many others I could keep going with.
 The streets went wild and the screams were loud once Game 4 was over. Whether a person is a true fan or just feeling the hype along with the city, everyone has a smile on his/her face. It's such a fun time. It reminds me of 2010. 

I'll be back to regular posts...I promise. I just want to enjoy this moment. Thanks for indulging with me.

Photographer: Michael Short

Photographer: Luanne Dietz

Photographer: Michael Short 

Photographer: Carlos Avila Gonzalez 

Photographer: Michael Macor 

Photographer: Lance Iversen

Photographer: Michael Macor

Photographer: Matt Slocom/AP Photo


  1. Woohooo!! Go Giants! What a great night!

  2. nancy, i am so happy for your team! it was great to see everyone celebrating. you can feel the excitement through the pictures. savor every moment!

  3. Yayy congrats ! It's always fun to see who supports who, especially since I live outside US (Finnish girl) and none of the teams is special to me. So I feel genuinely happy, whoever wins and what haha! :)

    Indie by heart

  4. Helo, dear!) your blog is soooo cute!
    maybe follow each other? just let me know!

  5. SO so so amazing!! I am so glad to have moved here and this have happened. So great!! :)
    Leopard and Lavender

  6. These photos are fantastic! How funny, I also took a little detour from what I usually blog about today too. I love these random kind of posts.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  7. Haha, congrats on your win!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. sounds so fun! im kinda sad though...being from michigan i really wanted the tigers to win obvs! but im not a baseball fan so oh well...it was a good game!!


  9. woohoo for your team! congrats. i know how it feels! when the packers won the SuperBowl a couple years ago I was like floored beyond belief and absolutely euphoric. totally understand! post away! :) xoxo linds {{www.rubygirlblog.com}}

  10. haha, JT Snow and Jeff Kent! I was totally obsessed with the Giants then. Fell off for a little bit, but um hello, when they make the playoffs how can you not watch. Still in shock!



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