September 26, 2012

Wednesday Whim - Massimo Listri

 all images via Fubiz via Massimo Listri

As I mentioned before (and before that and before that, too), I have a penchant towards empty/abandoned/vacant spaces. Perhaps I'm intrigued because there's a mystery as to why no one is there or maybe it's the notion of things being bigger than us but there's definitely beauty in the loneliness. Artist and photographer, Massimo Listri has captured these stunning photos of vacant European palaces, which showcase all the beauty and secrecy lying within each space. The colors are vibrant, the architecture is beautiful and the emotions are pure.

Do you have a reaction to these photographs?


  1. These photos are really pretty! There is something very inspiring about the vacancy of these spaces!


  2. Oh wow, these are just...stunning! I love the empty space and yet how visually capturing each room is

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  3. Wow, so amazing and stunning. The architecture and detailing are just breathtaking.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. LOVE these photos! It's gorgeous!
    xo, Karolina

  5. Haunting.


  6. That top photo is really lovely...all of them are...I just adore these! It's fun that it's a form of modern art that maximizes on beautiful pieces of old art.

    <3 Cambria

  7. You summed it up to perfectly when you said, "The colors are vibrant, the architecture is beautiful and the emotions are pure." These are absolutely stunning photos and spaces. Thank you for sharing.

    xo Jenny

  8. Wow those first 2 photos are amazing!! My reaction is "damn, I need to get out more!" haha definitely need to travel and visit more places to see amazing sights like this :)

  9. The pictures Im sure dont do justice compared to actually being there but you summed it up pretty well!!! Great photos!!!

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  10. These photos are so's like time stood still and Listri went back in time just so we could admire the vacancy of these space.

  11. these photos are beautiful. the photos capture so many facets of the spaces, that they don't feel vacant or abandoned, but the opposite.
    xo annette

  12. wouldn't you just love to live in a hallway like that?



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