June 27, 2012

Wednesday Whim - The Patient Gardener

 all images via designboom via visiondivision

Have you ever imagined a wonderland of your own? As a kid I imagined a spot, away from the troubles in my own world, that was beautiful and tranquil (I'm a child of divorced parents...drama, drama, drama). It wasn't quite Alice In Wonderland but it was pretty close. So when I came across these stunning images from designboom of a real life eco-retreat I was in awe. This structure is made from ten Japanese cherry trees that serve as the main building material for a two-story structure. It will bend and twist (not to be confused with the bend and snap hah-hah) as the trees grow and will take about 80 years to be fully erected (hence the name The Patient Gardener).

Sure, this might take a while for the final result, but the design drawings and these photos sure make for a wonderful wonderland to look forward to! Check out more for yourself for how this beautiful structure will be built and how the idea came about.


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