May 16, 2012

Wednesday Whim - Pin Art

all images via Mink Mgmt for Philip Karlberg (via DesignBoom) (above: Jackie O wearing Burberry)

I never really thought much about peg boards. They are utilitarian at best but otherwise, they are just as they sound...boards with pegs. I now see them differently thanks to Swedish photographer, Philip Karlberg. He has created the likeliness of several famous folks in American pop culture for Plaza Magazine.  According to him...
"A couple of months ago I came up with an idea I have had in mind for years," he says. "I just did not know what I could use it for. But then I did a test with sunglasses, and it really turned out great. So I sent an image with the test to Plaza Magazine, and a week later I started shooting. It was a real challenge to 'sculpt' the faces of some classic wearers of sunglasses. It took me 6 days to shoot the 6 faces, and around 1200 sticks were used."
Quite imaginative isn't it? What do you think? Do you think he nailed it?  

Karl Lagerfeld wearing Dior Homme

Johnny Depp wearing Armani

Lady Gaga wearing YSL

John Belushi wearing Ray Ban

Steve McQueen wearing Persol


  1. wow! these are crazy cool... I am kind of obsessed!


  2. Very cool! He did an amazing job!


  3. It's a fun idea. I was trying to guess who it was before I read the caption, and I failed. And then I'd read who it was and have a little aha! It's kind of like Magic Eye. :)

    The Suburb Experiment

  4. this is so intersting

  5. Nancy, I've never liked a peg board more than I do now. Johnny Depp looks awesome.

  6. wow, this is pretty fantastic! It reminds me of nthe light-peg boards we used when we were kids, but way cooler and more impressive. :)

  7. This is amazing idea! It's crazy! I love it!

  8. oh my, these are so cool! It takes a creative mind to look at pegboards this way! x


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